Zed Quarren is a sim in the town of Pineview. He is not there in the beginning as he is not born yet. He is concieved when his father, Jed, is abducted by aliens and returns pregnant. When his father does return pregnant his step-mother, Joanna, contemplates leaving Jed but decides to stay with him. Joanna treats Zed as one of her own. However, when he becomes a child he realizes he is different because of his green skin and eyes. He then begins disobeying Joanna. This causes her to breakdown and seperate from Jed. Eventually Zed and Joanna make ammends. When he ages into a teenager he becomes a model son and student. He gets A's and does his chores.

The Fire

He along with his family, except Dorothy, attend Melissa's opening and party. When Clara sets the fire he and the rest of his family get out all right. The following day he goes to the burned ruins of the park and encounters Sigrid Wilt, then wind up sharing their first kisses with each other... (Cliff-hanger)

The Next Generation

When the stories resume 5 years later, it is revealed that he and Sigrid engaged in a relationship but broke up. He is an adult now but still lives at home but is looking for a place and a woman of his own. However, One day Zed decides to go swimming, despite the fact that he is hydro-phobic, he winds up drowning and dies. It is reveald that he is the father of Ulvar Wilt, Sigrid's son.

Generation 03

After Sigrid and Hans divorce, she realizes Zed was the love of her life, so she takes his grave and has him resurected. They quickly re-unite and fall in love again. He is happy to see his siblings again and to meet his nieces and nephews. He is saddened when Sigrid informs him that she married, had another child and got divorced while he was gone, he quivkly gets over it and asks Sigrid to marry him, she accepts. Two days later they marry. Sigird soon becomes pregnant with her and Zed's second child (her third). Days later she gives birth to a daughter, Annie...

Zed Quarren
Name Zed Quarren
Life stage Young Adult
Sign Cancer

Parents Jed Quarren (father; deceased)
Joanna Quarren (step-mother; deceased)
Pollination Technician (father)
Sibling(s) Harvey Quarren (half-brother)
Dorothy Wilt (half-sister)
Blanche Quarren (half-sister)
Sharon Quarren (sister-in-law)
Devlin Wilt (brother-in-law)
Spouse(s) Sigrid Quarren (wife)
Child(ren) Ulvar Wilt (son)
Annie Quarren (daughter)
Karre Ulter (step-son)
Martin Quarren (nephew)
Muriel Quarren (niece)
Rosalyn Quarren (niece)
Norris Wilt (nephew)
Olympia Shell (niece)
Zelda Quarren (niece)

Neighborhood Pineview

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