Yuna Butterball

Name: Yuna Butterball
Gender: Female


Parents: Kurt Holmes, Luanne Holmes
Siblings: Emily Calton, Luke Holmes
Spouse: Harry Butterball (fioncee)

The Sims 3

Life stage: Young Adult
Traits: Unknown
Favorites: Country, Rice, Green

Neighborhood: Titanaville

Yuna Holmes-Butterball is a Sim who lives in Titanaville. She is the youngest daughter of Kurt and Luanne Holmes and the sister of Emily and Luke. She is named after a party member from Final Fantasy X. She is a farmer, like her brother. She is curently dating Harry Butterball. What happens to her later on is a vote. A rivalry beetween herself and Luke's girlfriend, Lisa Mamo, had started because Lisa thought Yuna was Luke's girlfriend. Luke has not been told of this yet.

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