xxKevohxx's Simvivor was a series that premiered on June 1, 2009. It is a show created using the Sims 2 based off of the popular CBS television series, Survivor. The first season, titled "Simvivor: Solomon Islands", featured 16 castaways that were marooned in the Solomon Islands, which lies in the South Pacific, equally divided by age and gender into two tribes, Armeetu and Tirai, later merging into one tribe, Viaravuu. Season one's Finale aired on January 7, 2010. Unlike episodes 1-11, each episode ranging from 20 to 30 minutes long, the Finale exceeded over 1 hour. On April 26, 2010, A second season was confirmed titled "Simvivor: Cameroon" which takes place on the western side of Africa. Season two also stated that 20 brand new castaways will be featured in the next season. On April 30, 2010, the 20 contestants were revealed to the public that would be appearing on the show later on in the year. The season was set to premiere in late 2010. In February 2011, xxKevohxx officially confirmed that Simvivor Cameroon would be cancelled due to computer malfunctions and data loss. He also stated that he may not be persuing anymore video projects using the Sims and remained on hiatus for two years. On July 19, 2013, xxKevohxx returned back to the Simvivor scene releasing a preview for his second season titled "Simvivor: Belize" which takes place in Central America. The 16 brand new castaways were revealed to the public shortly after the release of the new season's preview. It was also shown that the number of days had been increased from 35 to 39, like the real televised version of Survivor. The original season 2 cast for "Simvivor: Cameroon" was scrapped and not used for the Belize location. xxKevohxx stated "It's a new location which means it's only necessary to have a new cast." The premiere is set to air in February 2014.

Season 1: Simvivor Solomon Islands

Aired: June 1, 2009 - January 7, 2010

Episodes: 12 (Including Reunion)

No. of Castaways: 16

No. of Days: 35

Winner: Mia Wilson (4-3)


Mia Wilson (23) - Winner

CJ Sanchez (26) - Runner Up

Mandy Riever (24) - 3rd Place (7th Jury Member)

Robert Davido (39) - 4th Place (6th Jury Member)

Brayden Pierce (29) - 12th Voted Out (5th Jury Member)

Narina Greco (23) - 11th Voted Out (4th Jury Member)

Bernadette Gaul (21) - 10th Voted Out (3rd Jury Member)

Xander Easton (25) - 9th Voted Out (2nd Jury Member)

Bianca Jackson (31) - 8th Voted Out (1st Jury Member)

Todd Fields (61) - 7th Voted Out

Nicole Zignar (22) - 6th Voted Out

Gianna Apul (26) - 5th Voted Out

Spencer Patterson (27) - 4th Voted Out

Owen Bradley (34) - 3rd Voted Out

Josie Wright (56) - 2nd Voted Out

Isaac Harper (28) - 1st Voted Out

Season 2: Simvivor Belize

Aired: February 2014 - N/A

Episodes: N/A

No. of Castaways: 16

No. of Days: 39

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