William Halcoyn
The Wrongful William






Power Broker


Will (nick-name)


Rosanna Halcoyn (ex-wife)
Rosanna Halcoyn (ex-wife)
Lila Halcoyn (wife)


Daria Grendel (ex-lover)
Lucia Reyes (ex-girlfriend)
Catherine Andrews (ex-fiancee)
Daria Grendel (ex-girlfriend)
Lila Kincaid (ex-lover)


Winston Halcoyn (son)
Ralph Grendel (son)
Marylin Kincaid (daughter)


Derwood Halcoyn (grand-son)
DeDe Halcoyn (grand-daughter)
Haley Kramer Grendel (grand-daughter)
Mary Ann Halcoyn (daughter-in-law)
Sandra Grendel (daughter-in-law)

Cause for Departure

Death by Old Age. (1st Time)
Appeared as a Spirit. (2nd Time)


William "Will" Halcoyn is a sim in the fictional town of Sun-Crest Point.


In the beginning, it is revealed that Willian is a dominant figure in Sun-Crest Point. He is the series main antagonist. It is said that he was at one time a humble and caring man nut any emotion that was in him dissolved when his wife, Rosanna Halcoyn, passed away. Together he and Rosanna had a son, Winston Halcoyn, who William grooms to become his sucessor. However, he begins to suspect that his daughter-in-law, Mona Halcoyn, will become a problem and keep Winston from becoming as sucessful as William would like him to be. So Will begins to poison Winston against Mona. After a scene ensues between William and Daria Grendel at a party, Winston begins to believe his father's claims. William appears to have a very angry relationship with Daria, who takes Mona in after Winston and she bicker. Daria tries to get William to fix their marriage by bringing her son, Ralph Grendel to town. However, Will refuses to give in and reveals to Winston that years ago he and Daria engaged in an affair which resulted in Ralph's birth. William lies and tells Winston he wanted to have a relationship with Ralph, whereas in reality he paid Daria off with stock in Halcoyn Communications and refused to acknowledge Ralph as his son. Things begin to play in William's favor when Winston catches Mona and Ralph kissing. However, Ralph later goes to Winston and tells him the truth, which Winston believes but he continues to refuse that Mona really loves him. William later goes to see Daria and gloat that her plan failed. He then tells her that the only reason she tries to hurt him so much is because he chose Rosanna over her and he then pulls her into a kiss. Daria rebuffs the kiss and laughs William off, telling him that the love she had for him disepated when he refused to acknowledge that Ralph existed. William then begins to put the idea of a divorce in Winston's head when he begins dating, Catherine Andrews. William also begins dating someone as well, Lucia Reyes, which Daria finds appauling. William then allows Winston to throw a party for his grand-son, Derwood, up at Halcoyn Hill. During the party Daria and a mystery guset sneak in and proceed to make a scene. It is revealed that Daria's secret guest is William's long thought dead wife, Rosanna. Rosanna then goes on to tell the truth about William. She reveals that Will was once a humble and honest man and they fell in love and married. He quickly built his empire and fortune and along the way she began to notice his decent from humna being to power-hungry dictator.

She knew of his affair with Daria and instead of being angry, she felt bad for Daria as she fell for the souless William. After it all became too much for Rosanna, she enlisted Daria's help in faking her death and escaping William's grasp once and for all, which Daria did. Rosanna then announces she has returned so she could see her son and tell him the truth about his lying father. Winston then runs into Mona's arms and they reunite. Rosanna then leaves with Daria. William is then dumped by Lucia and Winston tells Will he is done with him. This leaves the almighty William Halcoyn powerless and alone, finally beaten. After Rosanna returns, William becomes depressed as all his power is gone. Winston tells Will to stick to his onw wing of Halcoyn Hill. He then drowns his sorrows by wandering through the streets. He then runs into a sad Catherine. The two express their relationship woes. William then aks her to dinner, even though she was just dating his son. She accepts and after dinner he asks her if it was a date, she answers by kissing him. When Rosanna moves back into Halcoyn Hill, he makes his opposition known, but it falls on deaf ears. He then goes back to his own wing, where he clearly begins plotting revenge. Eventually Will and Daria begin another relationship after she gets into a fight with Mae McBride. However, when Will throws a party fro Daria he constantly kisses her infront of Catherine, tryign to make her jealous. Daria breaks up with him on the spot, noting he hasn't changed at all. Shortly after the birth of his third grand-child, DeDe, he and Rosanna reconcile again and re-marry. Their marriage is relatively short and it ends when Rosanna un-covers that William had also had an affair with his long time assistant, Lila Kincaid, that resulted in the birth of another child, a daughter named Marylin. Rosanna then divroces William again and proclaims she is done with him. Eventually after Lila and her husband, Eugene, divorce he begins to date her and take an active role in little Marylin's life. He and Lila then seemingly fall in love. Winston's second wife, Mary Ann Werner, then notices a distinct smell taking over at Halcoyn Hill and discovers that William has died, due to old age. When news spreads about his death, everyone he knew well gathers at Halcoyn Hill for the reading of William's will. He leaves all of his money to Lila, whom he married privately before his death. He then leaves the position of Power Broker of Halcoyn Communications to Ralph instead of Winston. However, Ralph only hold the position until Marylin is old enough to assume the spot. Lila then atkes her share and Marylin and leaves town, saying she'll be back when Marylin is almost of age. This transaction deeply upsets Rosanna and eventually kills her, by mood failure. After his death no funeral is held and Daria remakrs that it instead, cause for celebration.

A Ghostly Reminder

William's spirit appears shortly after he formwer wife's, Rosanna, disappears. William comes to warn Winston not to make his mistakes when Winston is torn between reuniting with Mona or staying with Tanya Rockford. Winston becomes angry with his father's ghost and, states he will never be like him but, William reveals that Winston has become just like him and, unless he wants Tanya to become his Lila, he needs to go back to Mona because, William then admits that by the time he knew Rosanna was the right one for him, it was already too late.

The Sun Also Rises

In the mini-series spin-off, William has just recently assumed power of Halcoyn Communication from his ailing father, Charles Halcoyn. He is married to Rosanna and, has two children but only acknowledges the existence of one, Winston. He quickly hires a very young secretary in the form of Lila Kincaid. Much to the chargin of Rosanna. Similar to what would later become Winston’s problem, Will too is constantly looked down upon by his father, especially after the death of his mother, Persephone. William simply tries to deal with business related aspects while also trying to be a good husband but, becomes consumed by his work.

He must also deal wth the array of advances placed on him by Lila, however, William rejects them at first and, informs his young assistant that she does good work but, he loves Rosanna and his son. When Charles finally dies, without having told Will he has done a good job, William becomes very depressed and, angry… spending days at the office. His absence at home is what leads to Rosanna having a brief affair with a homeless artist, named Sebastian Fowl. He also pays many visits to Winston’s school and, often asks him about the status of Ralph Grendel, who un known to Winston is his half-brother. Although William refuses to actually speak to the boy.

Then he receives word that Rosanna has died after an infection killed her within a matter of hours. William is devastated by news of his wife’s “death.” At her “funeral” Daria Grendel approaches William asking how he is, hoping that Rosanna’s death would humanize him again, alas it only seems to make William darker. The final act of William in the mini-series is him beginning a torrid affair with Lila.

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