Wendy Siddle
Wendy as she appears in Ribbon Heights




Young Adult/Adult/Elder




Wendy Jule (maiden name)
Wendy Siddle (married name)


Frank Jule (father; deceased)
Abbigail Jule (mother; deceased)


Ivan Jule (brother)


Derek Siddle (husband; deceased)


Jude Appleton (ex-boyfriend)
Ambrose Charles (ex-boyfriend)
Orlando Wren (ex-boyfriend)


Alton Siddle (step-son)
Marlo Siddle (daughter)


Marnie Urschel (sister-in-law)
Haleigh Asset-Jule (sister-in-law; deceased)
Steven Siddle (father-in-law; deceased)
Hester Asset-Siddle (mother-in-law; deceased)
Roeper Siddle (step-grand-son)
Maxine Siddle (step-grand-daughter)
Uriah Onassiser (grand-son)
Ursula Onassiser (grand-daughter)
Chet Onassiser (son-in-law)
Neve Siddle (step-daughter-in-law)


Dr. Wendy Siddle (nee Jule) is a sim in the town of Ribbon Heights. She has been best friends with Derek, Kendra, Floyed and Gregg since childhood. She is the daughter of Frederick and Abbigail Jule. When the stories begin she is single and has just begun her career in the mediccal field. She is un-aware that Derek has always had strong romantic feelings for her, even though he is dating the hostile May.

Set 1

In the first story set, Wendy is a doctor at the hopital and meets her boss, Jude Appleton. Jude quickly makes it known that he likes Wendy. This causes Wendy to accept a date with Jude out of fear for losing her job. However, on their date Wendy enjoys herself and agrees to see Jude again. They are then seen maikng out in the park and are spotted by a depressed Derek. Later Jude asks Wendy to move in together, she coldly replies no as it is too soon. This causes Jude to run off upset and Wendy who is afraid she will lose her job runs after him and accepts then offer. However, she soons becomes annoyed by his clingy behavior. Eventually she breaks up with him and says she doesn't care if she loses her job. Jude is then upset as he realizes Wendy was only with him for so long as she feard begin fired. Later Wendy learns that Jude has quit and left town and she recieves his job. At Kendra's wedding she calls Jude.

Set 2

In the second set, it is revealed she called Jude to gain closure on their break-up. Derek then gets up the courage to ask Wendy out, she happily accepts. Their relationship is happy and they quickly fall in love. May tries to drive them apart, but they make-up. Later Wendy discover's Gregg's secret, his gay-ness. She promises to keep his secret. Later when May discovers Gregg's secret he tells Wendy he saw Derek with another woman, causing their break-up, so that May would keep his secret. In the finale when Gregg tells the truth Derek asks Wendy to get back together, they decide not to, as their relationship ended when a lie was told meaning there was no trust.

Set 3

In the third set, Wendy meets another co-worker, Ambrose Charles, and quickly falls for him. However, his domineering sister, Esther, disapproves and wedges her way between the two. Wendy soon confronts her and begins dating Ambrose. However, Ambrose's sister Esther is clingy to him since their parents died until Wendy tells her off. She is then shocked when she sees Esther has begun dating Derek. Wendy and Ambrose eventually break up, but remain good friends. Wendy is then shocked beyond belief when Esther and Derek announce that they have gotten married. Wendy is devestated but tries to move on with her life and begins to date Kendra's cousin, Orlando, who has just arrived in town.

Set 4

In the fourth set, Wendy learns that Esther has disappeared and sees this as a chance to reuntie with Derek. She ends her relationship with Orldando as she is not in love with him. She catches up with old friend Gladys Telfair. She then tries to win Derek back. He tells her he wiill wait for his wife as heloves her. Wendy is then shocked to see Derek and Gladys have begun dating. Wendy, along with Floyd conspire to break them up, which works. However, Derek takes this as a sign to wait for his estranged wife to return from where ever she is. Wendy then decides to go to Derek and she profeses her un-dying love for him. Derek is appauled and tells her he needs time to think. He chooses Wendy, but as he does Esther returns, she tells Derek that after she left she discovered she was pregnant and has given birth to their son, Alton.

Set 5

In the fifth set, five years later, it is learned that Derek changed his mind and decided to be with his wife and son. During the leap Wendy left town. She returns and appears to have a past with the town's newly appointed Mayor, Jonah Weller. Derek is un-happy in his marriage and finally divorces Esther. Upon her return Wendy reassures everyone she has moved on and wants nothing to do with Derek. However, when Derek tells her of his divorce he tells her he never stopped loving her. She falls into his arms and they are reunited, finally. Derek then proposes to Wendy, she instantly accepts. While planning the wedding they decide to screw the plans and elope. However, her parents arrive in town and disapprove of her marriage, even though they have known Derek since he was a kid. They convonce Wendy to come back home with them for a while to think things over, she agrees and leaves.

Set 6

Wendy is mentioned in the sixth set but doesn't appear as she is no longer a regular. She and Derek are still married but decide on a trial separation. Her brother, Ivan, then moves to Ribbon Heights and joins the friends.

Set 7

Wendy is still absent in most of set 7. Derek is engaged to Oona Kluck but can't bring himself to divorce Wendy. At his and Oona's wedding, Wendy arrives and she and Derek reconcile, for good. They then decide they want to be a family.

Set 8

In the eight set, Wendy has fully moved back to town. She and Derek then announce her pregnancy. She clashes with Paula, when she announces her marriage to Arsenio at Wendy's baby shower. They continue to clash from there on. Wendy then gives birth to her and Derek's daughter, Marlo.

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