A strange yet quiet little community in the deep Arizona desert. Founded by the Shishkas and built up by the Springs. Years had passed and new generation of sims had formed over the years. Will it cause friendships or rivarlies?

Viper Canyon is a user-created neighborhood created by Jennica that has been working on for quite some time now and this dose not ship with The Sims 2 as it is not out in public yet. As the neighborhood bio suggests, Viper Canyon was founded by 'Trois Spring' and 'Mathoph Shishka'. At the moment, there are only 28 lots discounting EA made lots. At the moment there are only 5 pre-made families on lots and 1 family in the bin. As the name suggests, this neighborhood is in a canyon and the .SC4 version is already packaged with The Sims 2.


  • Shishka Family: Bryant Shishka his sister Regina Shishka makes the Shishka household. Bryant and Regina are the children of Nami and Mathoph Shishka. Nami died of a strange disease and Mathoph has returned to his home planet to investigate the cause of it which means, Bryant and Regina are aliens despite their lack of alieness. They have 2 cats named Franklin and Pharaoh.
  • Spring Family: Song-Chi Spring, the female Don Lothario which means, she instead of being the local womanizer, she is the local manizer trying to date many men she can find. She is merried to Noah Spring so she has to keep her affairs a secret. They have a dog named Fyrle.
  • Angateras Family: Jophlesa Angateras, his wife Marinia Angateras and his 2 children Rydasha Angateras, Jophlesa's Lab Rat and Manderith Angateras, the most popular girl in town. Joephlesa is trying to surpass Mortimer Goth and trying to be the master scientist in the world and trying to spend time with his family at the same time.
  • Oxford Family: Richard Oxford and his brother Albert Oxford who both have the Popularity aspiration. Richard is trying to become the master artist and Albert is trying to master soccer. But they don't agree with each-other.
  • Shelly Family: Justin Shelly with his wife Splenda Shelly and their child Xero Shelly. Justin is trying to hide his affair with Song-Chi because they both love each-other than their current spouses. Xero, though, is more of a hermit crab and is upstairs usually loving the peace and quiet as he owns the upstairs to himself.

Pre-built houses

Coming soon!

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