Vera Likasu (previously Castaway) is a sim in the town of Ribbon Heights. She first appears in the middle of the fifth set of Ribbon Heights 2.0. She is a regular character.

Set 5

Vera moves to Ribbon Heights after a bitter divorce from her husband. She is an adult and has no children. She recieved a large settlement from her ex-husband and quickly gets in with the friends. She is a socialite, and buys a home in the upper penisula of town, near Templton Manor. It is highly hinted that she is hiding something from the residents of Ribbon Heights. Charis becomes increasingly interested in Vera when she catches her gazing over at a mother and daughter and becomes emotional. Charis then hosts and afternoon luncheone for just the girls and constantly brings up children and Neve's pregnancy. When the event is over Vera breaks down as Charis walks her home. She then admits that she had a daughter, who died. Charis is saddened and comforts her but believes there is more. Eventually Charis finds out that Vera's ex-husband's name is Al and persuades him to come to town. When he does Vera discovers Charis broght him here and hides form him. Charis then apologizes and says she onyl brought Al here to help her get over her deceased daughter. Al then revelas that their daughter, Penelope is not dead, she's alive. Al sent her away as revenge for Vera leaving him and claiming to have never loved him. Charis then tells him to leave and vows to help Vera find Penelope. The adoption agency is called and they return Penelope to Vera. Vera is then asked out by Beck Lillian as Regan and Gal's wedding.

Set 6

In the sixth set, Vera and Beck begin dating. She is also raising Penelope, who is a teenager, on her own. Her life is happy and blissful after years of sadness. Though Paula voices her objection to their relationship, they continue dating. Vera brings Beck out of his deep state of depression after the death of Gladys. He eventually moves in with Vera and Penelope at the upper penisula of town. Reed and Regan also voice their favor of the pairing. Vera and Beck have them over for dinner and they discuss the prospect of marriage. Regan and Reed tells their father they would be all for it as long as Vera makes him happy. Beck then asks Vera to marry him, she accepts. She is deeply saddened by the un-timely death of Ida Rebuff. Vera and Beck's engagement is short lived however. When Beck accidentally calls Vera, Gladys. She tells him that she loves him but he is still deeply in love with his late wife. They end things on good terms. She later informs the other's after Beck's mother, Paula, dies that he went to visit his sister and her family. She then begins dating Geronte Likasu, the older brother of Pru.

Set 7

In the seventh set, Paris, Geronte's ex-wife arrives in Ribbon Heights and informs Geronte that she will be taking him to court and jail as he "kidnapped" Anca from her. Vera, agreeing that Geronte was cheated out of time with his daughter, forms a plan. She and Geronte call Pru and Reed... and Walden to their home where her plan is put into effect: a marriage. She and Geronte marry. The purpose of her plan is so Geronte appears as a more stable parent that Paris. Vera then vows to be by her husband's side through the ordeal.

Vera Castaway
Name Vera Castaway
Gender Female
Life stage Adult
Sign Scorpio

Spouse(s) Al Castaway (ex-husband)
Beck Lillian (ex-fiance)
Geronte Likasu (husband)
Child(ren) Penelope Castaway (daughter)
Anca Likasu (step-daughter)

Neighborhood Ribbon Heights

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