Valerie Scroll and Darwin Youth are a main super-couple in the Pineview series sequel, The Next Generation.

In the beginning Valerie and Darwin are just children, they go to school together and are best friends. When they become teenagers Valerie begins to date the town lothario Davis Schwann, however he cheats on her with her supposed best friend, Annabel Wilt. After she dumps him she then begins to have feelings for the shy Darwin. They begint o date and eventually fall in love. They date all through their teenage years and after they become adults Darwin asks Valerie to marry him and she happily accepts. However, days before their wedding she ebgins having second thoughts and tells Darwin she needs some space and runs into Davis. In a moment of weakness Valerie and Davis kiss, but when she feels nothing she realizes that she truly loves Darwin and they marry.

Valerie soon becomes pregnant and eventually gives birth to a daughter, Martine Youth. She and Darwin maintain a happy marriage. Valerie then becomes upset when her dreams of owning and operating her own orchard are stalled. She tells Darwin she wants to move somewhere where they will have lots of land. He tells her they don't have the money and she blames her husband for ruining her dreams. She then storms out and once again runs into Davis. She contemplates the choices she has made in her life and she and Davis woo hoo back at his place. She returns to Darwin the enxt day, guilt ridden, but still angry. She informs him of her infidelity and he suggests they separate, but Valerie tells him she doesn't want to separate, she wants a divorce.

After their divorce Valerie takes Martine, moves out and buys some land. Her orchard business then takes off. Darwin tries to win her back and asks her to marry him again at her half-brother, Clyde Rossim's birthday party, she rejects him, crushing his heart. Before the Clara Shin fire fiasco Darwin announces he will be leaving Pineview, but will visit his daughter. Valerie then begins to have second thoughts. After the fire fiasco, Darwin decides that he will try one last time with Valerie, but as he goes to propose... so does Davis. In The Next Generation, it is revealed that She accepted Darwin's proposal and they re-married. However, Davis, who lusts after Valerie, tries to win her back and attempts to get rid of Darwin by beating him (even though they're supposed to be pals).

Valerie sees Darwin's assault from afar and runs to her husband's side and tells Davis that any romantic feelings she had for him faded when they were teenagers. She then vows to by by Darwin's side forever. However, when the Youth's TV breaks Darwin attempts to fix it, but instead recieves a fatal shock, killing him. Valerie is devestated and goes through a deep depression. She later finds love again in Ramiro Castillo, they would marry and have a son, River Castillo, together. She dies as Ramiro's wife but is buried next to Darwin, her true love.

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