Tyra Liefsson is the newly-wedded wife of Knut Liefsson. They live in a big apartment by the shore. Even though they've only been married for a few months, Tyra just discovered that she is pregnant. How will Knut react? Is it even Knut's child? Tyra has been to many parties at the Midnight Flows where she takes a drink and wakes up in her apartment the next morning. She feels that everything is just too rushed, and will this child wreck everything in their relationship?
Etymology: Tyra is the feminine version of the name Tyr, after a Norse God.
Tyra Liefsson
Hi! My name is Tyra Liefsson!
Name Tyra Liefsson
Gender Female
Life State Human
Life stage Adult
Aspiration Fortune
Sign Taurus

The Liefsson Family
Parents Unknown
Sibling(s) None
Spouse(s) Knut Liefsson
Child(ren) Unborn Son (Odin Liefsson)

Neighborhood Mille Fleurs
Lisa's call-out order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1 Paulina Aloree Alice Aloree Olivia Ryan Paulina Ryan Paulina Paulina Ryan Paulina Ryan
2 Tiniah Olivia Alex Alex Ryan Tiniah Erica Alex Ryan Ryan Olivia Ryan Paulina
3 Alex Zizi Aloree Gerren Erica Aloree Ryan Tiniah Aloree Alex Paulina Olivia
4 Ryan Paulina Paulina Alice Alice Paulina Olivia Aloree Alex Olivia Alex
5 Dana Dana Gerren Tiniah Alex Gerren Aloree Paulina Olivia Aloree
6 Alice Alex Aryn Dana Paulina Alex Alex Olivia Tiniah
7 Aloree Erica Ryan Paulina Tiniah Olivia Tiniah Erica
8 Brooke Tiniah Zizi Ryan Gerren Erica Gerren
9 Gerren Aryn Erica Olivia Aloree Alice
10 Olivia Alice Tiniah Erica Aryn
11 Aryn Ryan Dana Aryn Dana
12 Erica Gerren Olivia Zizi
13 Zizi Brooke

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