Tylissus Knossos is the town Casanova in Mille Fleurs. He was one of the first residants to the island. He rented an apartment at the Valleyway Vistas, a small apartment complex on top of the Borderstone Ridge near the Fallen mansion. There, he met the "tenant downstairs" Marie Bisette. He wooed her, and the had WooHoo within the week. On a trip to Vetements Luxe across the street, he met the gorgeous (and single) Kerah Chandler, and like he did with Marie, Tylissus and Kerah fell in love and WooHooed -- all without Marie knowing. Tylissus eventually ran in to Octavia Troy, and loved her too. They had WooHoo too, but then Octavia told Tylissus that she was just doing it for two reasons. One, because her husband would be away for a year more than he's been gone, and two, she wanted to see how a casanova would handle the responsibility of being a parent. Confused, Tylissus shrugged it off and went home. Sure enough, though, every time Tylissus saw Octavia, she was pregnant, and in nine months she gave birth to Lavinia Tylissa Troy. Tylissus eventually abandoned his romancing ways to be a part of his daughter's life. When Octavia's husband was due to return, Octavia told Tylissus that he had done a good job with the responsibility, and told Silvius that Lavinia was of pure Troy blood. Tylissus still keeps in touch with Lavinia, and has decided to settle down with Marie. They are currently engaged.
Tylissus Knossos
Hi! My name is Tylissus Knossos!
Name Tylissus Knossos
Gender Male
Life State Human
Life stage Adult
Aspiration Romance
Sign Leo

The Troy Family
Parents Unknown
Sibling(s) None
Spouse(s) Octavia Troy, Kerah Chandler (ex-lovers), Marie Bisette (engaged)
Child(ren) Lavinia Troy

Neighborhood Mille Fleurs
Contestant Age Hometown Rank Creator
Bianca Knowles 18 Queens, NY 13th xGracianoPique
Ebony Wright 21 Atlanta, GA 12th adi211093
Gwendala Gialde 19 Kansas City, MO 11th FashionRepublicVids
Ponelope Isis 22 Erie, PA 9th/10th nesiocesse78
Valeria Swinny 19 Snowake, WA 9th/10th Iokl10Sims
Stacia Lewis 21 San Jose, CA 8th SNTMGOD2
Cathryn Zelaski 20 Philadelphia, PA 7th 10angel11
Mariam Newark 19 Monroe, LA 6th Iokl10Sims
Jane Jessup 18 Carianna, CA 5th Childrenfordinner
Adrianne Ray 23 Tallahassee, FL 4th CoutureSims
Jules Jessup 18 Carianna, CA 3rd Childrenfordinner
Delice McGeoff 21 New Haven, CT Runner-up Simverse
Rabecca Roaster 20 Baltimore, MD Winner 85ModelProductions

Ty's Call-Out Order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1 Cathryn Delice Adrianne Mariam Rabecca Delice Delice Adrianne Jules Delice Rabecca Rabecca
2 Delice Jane Delice Jules Jane Cathryn Jules Jane Adrianne Rabecca Delice Delice
3 Mariam Gwendala Rabecca Adrianne Mariam Adrianne Mariam Delice Delice Jules Jules
4 Ebony Ponelope Ponelope Delice Stacia Rabecca Rabecca Jules Rabecca Adrianne
5 Valeria Jules Stacia Stacia Delice Jane Adrianne Rabecca Jane
6 Gwendala Cathryn Valeria Cathryn Adrianne Jules Jane Mariam
7 Adrianne Rabecca Jane Rabecca Cathryn Mariam Cathryn
8 Jane Stacia Mariam Ponelope Jules Stacia
9 Bianca Ebony Cathryn Valeria Ponelope
10 Rabecca Adrianne Gwendala Jane Valeria
11 Jules Mariam Jules Gwendala
12 Ponelope Valeria Ebony
13 Stacia Bianca
The contestant won the reward challenge
The contestant was eliminated
The contestant won the competition

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