Antonia "Toni" Shell and Marlin Youth are a main super-couple in the Ribbon Heights series.

Marlin hires Toni to become a live-in maid and nanny for his son, Darwin Youth, after the death of his wife, Peggy Youth. Toni accepts the offer and lives with the Youth's and while doing so she and Marlin secretly fall in love with each other. However, due to the fact that neither of them know how the other feels they hide their feelings. They also do not wish to complicate their empolyee/employer relationship. Toni and Dariwn get along as well. Eventually Toni informs Marlin she will be leaving and not just the Youth house, but Pineview. Toni and Marlin say their goodbyes, but not before they share an intimate kiss.

Toni would return a few years later, with a son named Ernest Shell. She would return on Marlin's birthday and passionately kisses him. After a brief reunion Marlin asks Toni to marry him and she happily accepts the offer. After some short planning Marlin and Toni marry. Marlin becomes a good step-father to Ernest as Toni becomes an ideal step-mother to Dariwn. She and Marlin contemplate having their own child, but decide that Ernest and Darwin are all they need. Their relationship is tested when Toni's missing years and Ernest's paternity are revealed. When Toni was away she was a maid to the Shin family and had an affair with Byron Shin, Melissa Shin's father, making her Ernest's half-sister.

Marlin is husr that Toni would have an affair with a married man. This leads to the couple having a separation. Toni's affair would spark Clara Shin to go over the edge and attempt to kill everyone in the Pineview Park Blaze. However, when Toni and Marlin, as well as their kids, make it out of the fire safe, they decide life is too short and they reconcile. Later they take a trip to the Sim-Ji Isles and upon their return they spend one final night together before passing away, peacefully.

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