Titanaville is a small country created by Amy Cotton. It has twelve families, whom only nine of them have been confirmed.


Titanaville was once called Calambaville. Many families live in this peaceful kingdom. The king of the country was called King Stan I of Titanaville. He, his wife Stella, and their four daughters Kale, Jackie, Firager and Killa ruled in their castle for many years. Calambaville soon became Titanaville after the royal wedding of Jackie and Henry Titana. Whn Stan died, Jackie and Henry were crowned King and Queen of Titanaville. The heir to the throne is Princess Miley.


The families of the town:

Came on Sims 2


Stan and Stella Calamba (King and Queen of Titanaville) with four daughters Kale, Jackie, Firager and Killa.


Flora and Fauna Ismay with their five children: Fiona, Amber, Velma, Lill and Tracie.


Angelo Larisa with two Chinese daughters, Ta-lej and Brittany. First Wife died of illness. Judy, Josh and Amelia came on Sims 3.


Arnold and Rosie Yeast, with daughters Amy and Natasha Yeast.


Farmers Ottor, Peggy and four children Autumn, Spring, Summer and Winter.

Came on Sims 3


Divorced Nancy Calton with son Johnny. Ex-Husbend Homer with fionce Emily Holmes in another home. Emily pregnant with Homer's child.


Single woman Yuna Holmes with fionce Harry Butterball.


Proud parents Kurt and Luanne Holmes with son Luke. Daughters Emily and Yuna starting their own families. Luke is dating Lisa Mamo, who is enemies with Yuna.


Siblings Taven, Jack, Lisa and Margret. Parents Otto and Melodie watch as children start their own families. Taven is married to Fiona Ismay, Jack is engaged to Ta-lej Larisa, Lisa is dating Luck Holmes (and enemies with his sister, Yuna), and Margret is a teenager.

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