SNTM Cycle 5 was the fifth cycle of Tijgertje10, but only the fourth to be aired. This cycle, there were 11 contestants competing for the title. They were all made by Tijgertje10. This cycle, episodes 4, 5, 6 and 7 were only photos, judging and call-out order(spoiler episodes) due to technical problems. When he got to the final 4 in episode 8, they were normal episodes. Cassandra Coleman won this cycle and is now signed with Master Model  Agency. Brooke Lianzo is now competing in Modelville by Micoux16.

     Contestants(In order of elimination)

       Alice Dumbeldore, 26

       Cecile Dumas, 18

       Ashley Feerol, 19

       Kayla Ghava, 19

       Monica Deuinoa, 21

      Stacey Stevens, 18

      Miyu Nang-Dai, 25

      Alyta Gollor, 20

     Finnia Fhatotina, 19

    Brooke Lizon(Runner-up), 18

   Cassandra Coleman(Winner), 22


1 Ashley Ashley Cassandra Monica Alyta Finnia Miyu Cassandra Brooke Cassandra Cassandra
2 Cassandra Stacey Finnia Brooke Miyu Cassandra Brooke Alyta Cassandra Brooke Brooke
3 Cecile Cassandra Miyu Finnia Monica Brooke Alyta Finnia Finnia Finnia
4 Stacey Alyta Brooke Alyta Finnia Alyta Cassandra Brooke Alyta
5 Miyu Brooke Alyta Miyu Brooke Stacey Finnia Miyu
6 Monica Kayla Kayla Cassandra Stacey Miyu Stacey
7 Brooke Finnia Stacey Kayla Cassandra Monica
8 Alyta Monica Ashley Stacey Kayla
9 Alice Cecile Monica Ashley
10 Finnia Miyu Cecile
11 Kayla Alice

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