The Scroll family resides in the town of Pineview. When the stories open, the only Scroll's living in town are Bonnie and her daughter Valerie. Bonnie is divorced, but doesn't give up on love. The Scroll's seem to be plagued with happy yet, disasterous love lives. Boonie's ex-husband, Cal, resurfaces in The Next Generation Storylines. He leaves before the end again.


Bonnie Scroll: The family matriarch. In the beginning she is divorced from Cal, who is not named until later. They had a daughter, Valerie who is extremely bright. Bonnie is an artist and a bit of a klutz. She later falls in love with Ken Rossim.

Cal Scroll: The family patriarch. He doesn't appear until The Next Generation. It is revealed that he and Bonnie divorced due to his cheating ways, presumeably with his second wife, Wren. He is separated from Wren when he arrives and tries to win Bonnie back. He doesn't and leaves to fix thing s with Wren.

Valerie Scroll: Bonnie and Cal's only child. In the beginning she lives with her mother and is extremely smart. Like her mother her love life becomes complicated, especially when she falls in love with Darwin Youth. She is a successful business woman and eventually becomes a loving mother of two.

Dusty Scroll: The son of Cal and his second wife, Wren. He arrives in Pineview shortly after his father. He usually keeps to himself. He leaves but eventually returns and marries Jezebel Jones.

Wren Scroll: Is Cal's former mistress and now second wife. She is Dusty's mother and Valerie's step-mother. She never appears. Cal later leaves to make things work with Wren.

Ken Rossim: Is Bonnie's true love, and Valerie's step-father. He and Bonnie later have a son, Clyde.

Additional Members

Darwin Youth
Martine Youth
Clyde Rossim
Ramiro Castillo
River Castillo
Johann Wilson
Bunny Wilson

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