Real Simwives of Bridgeport
Format: Simulated Docu-soap
  • Mara Alessi (season 1-)
  • Lola Ellins (season 1-)
  • Bridget Lacroy (season 1-)
  • Desirée Martin (season 1-)
  • Sydney Rivers (season 1-)
  • Juliana Machado (season 1)
  • Antonella Gianno (season 2-)
No. of Seasons: 2
No. of episodes: 6
Produced by Siminemz

The Port (formerly known as: The Real Simwives of Bridgeport) is a Simulated Docu-Soap created by Siminem

z Studios, with The Sims 3. The show follows the lives of women in the city of Bridgeport. It was the first and origiseries in the The Real Simwives franchise, inspired by Bravo's hit docu-soap franchise The Real Housewives. The first season was a streaming success grossing over 60 thousand streams for Siminemz Studios. Consequently, the series to got renewed for a second season October 19th 2013. However, despite being renewed the series was put on an indefinite hiatus the following December due to production discrepancies and conflicts with the cast. In 2014, it was announced that the series would be revamped and renamed following a brand new format different from what is seen in The Real Housewives franchise. The second season was set to premiere in 2014, which was going to introduce the new cast members and format to the public.

Production History

On May 30th, 2012, six women were confirmed for season 1 of the show's first season; Mara Alessi, Lola Ellins, Avery Jonah, Bridget Lacroy, Desirée Martin, and Sydney Rivers. It has also been confirmed that Juliana Machado has joined the show as a recurring cast member for season 1 (later on to be promoted to a main cast member in the finale.) The pilot premiered on April 13, 2013 with a decent public reception and growing viewership .The rest of the season was picked up, and the second episode aired August 8th, 2013. It opened with 0.87 thousand viewers giving the series a 20% viewership increase in comparison to the series premiere. The series reached its viewership peak with it's season finale. It aired October 25th, 2013, and opened with 1.65 thousand viewers during it's first week. Serving as an increase of 126% in comparison to the series premiere's numbers. Initially, Siminemz had plans of ending the first season at 5 episodes, and a reunion episode. Bringing the final total to 6 episodes, however; due to production discrepancies the season finale wasn't released and the reunion episode was shelved.

In 2014, it was revealed that the series would be revamped with a format, title and cast change under the name "The Port".

As of October 2015, the series is still owned by Siminemz. Though it appears to be put on an indefinite hiatus, rumors have been spread around the Internet that a possible comeback could be possible.

On August 1, 2016, the intro for The Real Simwives of Bridgeport Season 2 was revealed, revealing that season one cast member Juliana would not be returning for a second season, and revealing the new housewife, Antonella Gianno (who was set to be on the now cancelled The Real Simwives of Twinbrook.)

Current Cast Members

Below are the current cast members of The Port.

Mara Alessi

"I put the real in simwives, one slap at a time"

(Season 1 - present)

Lola Ellins

"I have a big mouth, and my empire will be even bigger"

(Season 1 - present)

Bridget Lacroy

"When times get tough, your biggest ally is yourself"

(Season 1– present)

Desirée Martin

"I practice law, but in life, I make my own rules"

(Season 1– present)

Sydney Rivers

"I don't play games with people, yet I still end up winning"

(Season 1– present)

Antonella Gianno

"My hair may be red, but my pockets are full of green"

(season 2-)
In a 2014 news release, it was announced that Gianno would be joining the cast. She was initally set to be a main cast member of The Real Simwives of Twinbrook which was cancelled.

Avery Jonah

"Inner beauty is what counts, but outer beauty doesn't hurt"

(Season 1- present)
In a 2014 news release, it was announced that Jonah wasn't returning to the series in any capacity, due to an overwhelming amount of issues in her personal life that she didn't want to disclose to the public. Her departure was to be discussed in the upcoming second season of the series, but Later, it was revealed that she would be returning for a second season.

Former Cast Member(s)

Juliana Machado "Never underestimate a girl who knows what she wants''

(Season 1– present)
(Season 1: Main)
In a 2014 news release, it was announced that Machado would be promoted to a main cast member  as a part of the revamp of the series. Later it was revealed that Machado would not be returning for a second season.

Cast History

Cast Member Seasons
1 2
Main Cast
Mara Alessi Main
Lola Ellins Main
Bridget Lacroy Main
Sydney Rivers Main
Desirée Martin Main
Avery Jonah Main
Juliana Machado Main
Antonella Gianno Main


Season 1: 2013

# Title Airdate

Viewers (Thousands)

1 New Girl In Town April 13, 2013 0.73 (First Week)
77.91 (As Of September 2015)
Desirée decides to host a little party as an opportunity to introduce Bridget to her friends, but when Bridget brings along Lola, someone who has bad history with Mara, things do not go that well. Lola also brings along someone who Desirée is not happy to see.
2 Slap You Silly August 8, 2013 0.82 (First Week)
23.08 ''(As Of September 2015)
Mara confronts Lola about their incident a few months back, and her rage gets the best of her. Desirée and Sydney get into a long overdue argument, making the night even more of a disaster. Desirée and Bridget's friendship ends up being in jeopardy.
3 Truth's Revealed August 22, 2013 0.72 (First Week)
16.43 (As Of September 2015)
After meeting with Lola, Bridget learns something that could destroy their friendship forever. Mara seeks advice from friend and new simwife, Juliana, while Lola seeks advice from Sydney for how to handle the bad situation she's in with Bridget.
4 Overdue Confrontations October 25, 2013

1.65  (First Week)
17.63'  '(As Of September 2015)

Desirée and Sydney try to put their dramatic history to rest. Bridget confides in the ladies about Lola's betrayal to her, but doesn't get all the comfort she was hoping for. While trying to have fun, Mara and Lola run into each other at a club, with both having a bit too much to drink.

5 Out With A Bang June 3, 2016

??  (First Week)
??  (As Of September 2015)

Rumors have been spreading that the season 1 finale may be airing after all...

Season 2: TBA

# Title Airdate

Viewers (Thousands)

1 Mean Girls December 29, 2016 TBA

Lola & Mara cross path's & it doesn't look good.