The Next Generation is the name of the next chapter on the Pineview stories. All of the original Pineview stories ended in subsequent Cliff-Hangers. The Next Generation picks up 5 years later and now takes place in THe Sims 3. However, Pineview did not go with the time flow of The Sims 3 instead of going back, it continued to go forward.

"The First Group" of neighbors, will be downgraded to recurring Sims. Their stories will be, for the most part, wrapped up. The Next Generation will deal with The First Group's, Children and Grand-children.

The Next Generation-Housewives

Name Status
Valerie Castillo Deceased
Blanche Shell Moved Away - Deceased
Annabel Schwann Deceased
Esme Yellow Alive
Melissa Friz Deceased
Dorothy Wilt Deceased
Dahlia Alido Moved Away
Mehrissa Rossim Deceased
Sharon Quarren Deceased
Betty Gwill Moved Away

The Next Generation-Husbands

Name Status
Darwin Youth Deceased
Ramiro Castillo Deceased
Davis Schwann Deceased
Devlin Wilt Deceased
Harvey Quarren Deceased
Clyde Rossim Deceased
Ernest Shell Deceased
Dante Friz Deceased
Adam Hart Deceased
Garfield Coosband Deceased
Reginald Armsworth Moved Away
Rhett Yellow Deceased
Bill Sell Deceased

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