The Grass is Always Greener... is an up-coming series. Un-like the other written series, TGIAG, will be in episode format. It will center around a group of young people living together in an "apartment complex." It will be set in the fictional town of Overlook Acres.

  • It will be made in The Sims 2 format, due to the difficulty of film making for The Sims 3.


Name Duration
Rebecca Thatcher Season 1-Season 9
Nora Amberson Season 1-Season 6 (Regular)
Season 7-Season 8 (Recurring)
Season 9 (Regular)
Marin Kessler Season 1-Season 3
Season 7-Season 9
Ryan Foss Season 1-Season 9
Sal Vitale Season 1-Seasin 9
Phil Amherst Season 1-Season 9
Ava Arch Season 2-Season 4
Season 9 (Guest Appearance)
Eunice Arch Season 1-Season 2
Season 3 (Guest Appearance)

Recurring Characters

Name Duration
Jeff Rabbit Season 2
Vita Romano Season 1
Season 3
Geraldine Frons Season 1-Season 9


Season 1

  • Will consist of 13 episodes. Premiere, TBA.
Episode Synopsis Air Date
Pilot (Episode 1) Rebecca Thatcher arrives in Overlook Acres looking for a fresh start. She finds what she is looking for in her new town and in the welcoming arms of the residents of her new town. May, 2010
Settling In' (Episode 2) Rebecca finds it difficult to get back into work. Marin tries to catch Sal's eye. Nora allows work to consume her and, Phil begins t notice. Ryan and Eunice spend some time together. May, 2010
Good Evening (Episode 3) Marin enlists Rebecca to help her prepare for her night out with Sal. Phil talks to Eunice about Nora's workaholism. Ryan reveals a secret to Sal about Marin. May, 2010
Anew (Episode 4) Marin and Sal find that awkwardness ensues after their date. Rebecca talks to Eunice about her painter's block. Nora turns to caffinnee to deal with work and, Phil and Eunice decide they need to confront Nora. June, 2010
Words Can Heal (Episode 5) Marin turns to Eunice to spice things up with Sal. Ryan puts the moves on Rebecca. Nora falls deeper into her addiction and, Phil begins to lose hope. Sal and Rebecca share an intense encounter. June, 2010
What If... (Episode 6) Rebecca begins to wonder if maybe she should move on in her romantic life but, with who? Nora's addiction consumes her and begins effecting her work. Sal and Marin find their spark... but only when Sal thinks of Rebecca. Phil begins to think there is more to Ryan and Eunice's first meeting that initially told. June, 2010
Blinders (Episode 7) Eunice tries to convince Ryan and Rebecca to date as to cover up her secret. Sal begins to second guess his relationship with Marin when she mentions marriage. Nora begins to lose control and, turns to Phil for help. July, 2010
Mis-Matched (Episode 8) Rebecca and Sal give into temptation. Ryan tells Eunice they need to be careful. Phil enlists Marin to help him with Nora. July, 2010
Surprise! (Episode 9) Rebcaa tells Sal they need to be honest with Marin... Just when his mother, Vita, arrives. Nora finds it difficult to resist caffinee. Phil meets a co-worker who strikes his fancy. Marin asks Eunice if something is going on with Sal. Ryan spots Rebecca and Sal. July, 2010
Get Out (Episode 10) Marin finds herself on Vita's bad side. Ryan subtly tells Marin something is going on with Sal. Phil asks his darling co-worker, Geraldine Frons, out on a date. Nora relapses. Eunice and Vita clash. Marin catches Rebecca and Sal in a sweet embrace. August, 2010
Heartbreak (Episode 11) Marin comes down hard on Sal and Rebecca. Phil begins to fall in love with Geraldine. Nora hits rockbottom, once again. Eunice tells Ryan that they should just come clean with everyone about their meeting. August, 2010
It's Madness (Episode 12) Rebecca and Sal decide to become a couple. Marin finds comfort over her break up in Ryan's arms. Phil asks Eunice about possibly asking Geraldine to marry him. Nora's relapse winds up destroying everything she has wroked for. August, 2010
Means to a End (Episode 13) Rebecca and Sal find love in each other but, Rebecca's dreaded ex-boyfriend shows up. Eunice and Ryan's secret is revealed, shocking Marin. Phil asks Geraldine to marry him. Nora's work performance is ruined and she loses her job. August, 2010

Season 2

  • Will consist of 13 episodes. Premiere, TBA. Ava Arch joins the cast as a regular.
Episode Synopsis Air Date
Hard Choices (Episode 14) Geraldine gives Phil an answer to his proposal. Nora enters into a depression, following her firing. Rebecca and Sal's relationship is tested with her ex-boyfriend, Jeff', return. Marin questions her feelings for Ryan after learing his and Eunice's secret. Now that their secret is out, Ryan and Eunice question their past and, what it truly means. TBA
Planning for the Future' (Episode 15) Phil and Geraldine announce their engagement. Marin learns of Jeff's presence and plots against Rebecca. Nora tries to find a new job after, kicking her habit. Ryan and Sal bond over personal issues. Eunice's life is rocked when someone from her past shows up. TBA
Turn on the Charm (Episode 16) Marin puts the moves on Jeff. Rebecca lets jealousy get the best of her and, Sal notices. Nora gets a job. Eunice is in awe at her estranged daughter, Ava Arch's return. Ryan is husrt by the revelation. TBA
Goo-Goo Eyes (Episode 17) Rebecca confronts old feelings for Jeff and, makes a choice in her romance with Sal. Marin soon discovers she may have actual feelings for Jeff. Nora meets someone. Eunice and Ryan decide to take a chance. Ava takes an interest in Phil, much to Geraldine's dismay. TBA
Rewind (Episode 18) Rebecca and Jeff admit that feelings still exist between them. Eunice warns Geradline about her daughter Ava. Ava begins to question Phil about where he came from. Marin and Sal have a heart to heart about their past. Ryan and Eunice go on a date. Nora goes on her first date with, Caleb Chandler. TBA
Game Over (Episode 19) Sal and Rebecca break up and, so do Marin and Jeff. Ryan and Eunice go public. Geraldine confronts Ava and, Phil comes to Ava's defense. Nora worried that Caleb is not interested in a second date. TBA
Pick One (Episode 20) Geraldine tries to move forward with the wedding plans and, gives Phil an ultimatum about Ava. Awkwardness ensues between Ryan and Eunice. Jeff and Rebecca reconcile. Sal and, Marin wonder if they should give each other a second chance. Nora goes to see Caleb. TBA
Second Chances (Episode 21) Jeff's bad habits return after reuniting with Rebecca. Sal and Marin share a meal together. Ryan and Eunice decide that some things just aren't meant to be. Nora deals with the fallout from learning Caleb's status. Ava hints to Geraldine that Phil is hiding something. TBA
Same Mistakes (Episode 22) Rebecca breaks things off with Jeff, again, and realizes she made a mistake with Sal. Sal and Marin learn that they have no spark. Nora apoligzes to Phil for treating him badly during her addiction. Ava and Eunice spend mother/daughter time together. Geraldine asks Phil questions regarding his parents. Ryan tries to find a new girl. TBA
Regarding You (Episode 23) Rebecca focuses on her art and thinks of an investment. Jeff leaves town. Sal and Ryan hit the town to pick up chicks. Marin, Nora, Geraldine and, Eunice have a girls night. While Ava gets flirty with Phil. TBA
Good Afternoon (Episode 24) Sal reveals that he has met someone, Renee Grade. Ryan and Nora try to cheer each other up. Phil admits to Geraldine that something happened between he and Ava. Rebecca tries to apologize to Marin. Ava asks Eunice who her father is. TBA
Party Time (Episode 25) As Phil and Geraldine's wedding appraoches, Phil's secret is beginning to show. Geraldine and Ava come to blows. Sal and Renee get hot and heavy. Rebecca announces her new business plan. Ryan asks Marin out. Nora runs into Caleb and, lets her attraction get the better of her. Eunice makes an announcement. TBA
Confessions (Episode 26) On Phil and Geraldine's wedding day, Marin and Ryan come together. Rebecca admits her love to Sal. Nora makes a shocking discovery. Phil confesses his secret to Gerladine. Ava tries to stop the wedding. Eunice makes her grand exit.

Season 3

  • Will consist of 13 episodes. The first season not to feature Eunice Arch.
Episode Synopsis
Life is Tough (Episode 27) Life is good for some and, bad for others. As the resident's mourn the loss of Eunice, Ryan, Marin, Rebecca and, Sal rejoice as they all are in romantic relationships, happy ones. Phil and Geraldine decide to call things off. Ava plots to win Phil over. Nora announces that she is pregnant.
Sickening' (Episode 28) Nora struggles with the thought of telling Caleb she is pregnant. Marin wants to introduce Ryan to her parents. Sal begins to talk to Rebecca about marriage. Phil and Ava make a decision regarding their feelings.
What to Expect (Episode 29) Rebecca finds herself unsure about thing as Sal gets serious. Phil and Ava consummate their new found relationship. Nora seeks out the girl's advice. Marin finds it hard to get close to Ryan. Nora eventually decides to tell Caleb that she is pregnant with his child.
Reconciliation (Episode 30) Nora's plan to tell Caleb about her pregnancy is halted when she learns he and his wife have reunited. While thinking over her future with Sal, Rebecca warns Phil that she thinks Ava is a snake in the grass. Sal and Ryan talk romance, yet Ryan isn't into Sal's domestic dreams. Marin arrive to overhear the discussion.
Bring It (Episode 31) Phil lashes out at his friends for cursing his romance with Ava. Nora gets a surprise when her stern father, Amos arrives for a visit. Marin asks Ryan what he wants for the future. Sal and Rebecca share an overly romantic evening. Ava is seemingly pleased by Phil's dissolving friendships.
Reaffirmed (Episode 32) After learning about Nora, Amos makes his disappointment known. Rebecca realizes that despite what her future may hold her love for Sal has been reaffirmed. Ryan takes Marin out, but his inability to promise long commitment causes the evening to end badly. Phil asks Ava if she is a gold-digger.
Popped Questions (Episode 33) Amos tells Nora he'll raise her child seeing as she can't do it, and work at the Spa. Ava reassures Phil she is falling in love with him. Marin and Ava bond, as she seeks Ava's advice. Ryan sees Amos belittle Nora. Sal asks Rebecca to marry him.
Just Say Yes (Episode 34) Rebecca accepts Sal's proposal and they make plans to move into together. Ryan advises Nora to stand up to her father, blaming him for her past addictions. Marin sees Ryan and Nora and gets the wrong idea. Phil mentions living together to Ava.
Adios (Episode 35) Rebecca and Sal decides to throw an engagement party. Ava holds off Phil's desire to get close. Marin asks Nora if she child she is carrying is actually Caleb's or if it's Ryan's. Ryan threatens Amos. Rebecca and Sal announce their engagement as Amos has Ryan arrested.
Bail Out (Episode 36) Marin bails Ryan out of jail and they have a lengthy discussion about where they are in the swing of things. Fed up with her father and getting big, Nora casts out her father and ushers him out of town. Ava mentions to Phil the idea of elopement. Rebecca and Sal get a surprise.
Welcome Back (Episode 37) Rebecca deals with Vita's return and help in planning her wedding. Sal persuades Phil not to elope telling him to be sure before he marries. Ryan and Marin decide to break up. Nora preps for childbirth and thinks again about telling Caleb that she is pregnant.
Wake Up (Episode 38) Ryan is shocked when he feels remorse over his failed romance to Marin, and thinks he might be in love. Marin becomes depressed and after seeing Ava manipulate Phil, warns her to watch her step. Nora goes to tell Caleb but goes into labor. As Rebecca and Vita fight, Vita collapses.
Such Sweet Sorrow (Episode 39) Rebecca makes a promise to an ailing Vita and comforts Sal. Ryan tries to declare his love to Marin, but she decides to leave town and take her music on tour. Nora gives birth to her daughter, Sarah. Phil discovers Ava has been using his money, causing a confrontation. Vita passes away.

Season 4

  • Will consist of 13 Episodes.
Episode Synopsis
Walk Me Down... (Episode 40) Sal and Rebecca's wedding takes place. Ava tells Phil she took his money to help keep the apartments afloat. After having had her daughter, Nora discovers extremely disheartening news. Ryan uses his broken heart to bolster his career. Sal and Rebecca marry.
Grief (Episode 41) Nora deals with the fact that Caleb is dead, and her daughter has no father. Phil remains skeptical of Ava, but opts to help her out for her mother's sake. Ryan falls back into his womanizing ways as he becomes a superstar athlete. Sal and Rebecca celebrate being newlyweds.
Shocker (Episode 42) Nora is confronted by Caleb's widow, Annette who tells her she knows Sarah is Caleb's daughter. While sharing a romantic meal, Rebecca has a fainting spell, which alerts Sal. Geraldine returns to again warn Phil about Ava, stating she can't be trusted. Phil writes her off.
Medical History (Episode 43) Upon hearing of Rebecca's incident, her sister Mia comes to town and meets her new brother-in-law. Nora's work struggles as she juggles motherhood, a career, and the revelation that Annette is now her boss. Phil decides to cut Ava off and is surprised when she says she loves him. Ryan visits Rebecca and meets Mia.
Diagnosis (Episode 44) Rebecca and Sal learns they are going to have a baby of their own. Sparks fly between Ryan and Mia. After Geraldine's warning Phil finds himself re-examining his feelings for both women. Nora worries that Sarah's crying fits will cause Ava to evict her.
Assurance (Episode 45) Ava informs Nora she does not intend to evict her and even offers to watch Sarah, revealing she longs to be a mother herself. Phil goes to see Geraldine and they wind up sharing a kiss. Sal and Rebecca announce her pregnancy, and Ryan asks Mia out on a date, she accepts.
Changed Perspective (Episode 46) Nora reveals Ava's desire to be a mom, changing the gang's mind about her. Ryan and Mia go on their date but later he reveals his love for Marin. Upon hearing about Ava, Phil is torn and thinks of his kiss with Gerry. Mia and Rebecca hash it out over their strained relationship. Sal encourages Ryan to express himself.
One More Time (Episode 47) As Nora's struggles escalate, she confronts Annette at work and quits. Ryan embarks on numerous romantic endeavors to get over Marin. Mia leaves town, but she and Rebecca are reconciled. Phil reveals to Sal he kissed Gerry, and Sal tells Phil to be honest with Ava. Ava comforts Ryan.
Stress Level (Episode 48) The bills begin to pile up for unemployed Nora. Ryan and Ava face the consequences of their night together. Phil tells Ava the truth. Sal remembers his mother. Rebecca discovers Nora's situation.
Check, Please (Episode 49) Hurt by Phil's betrayal Ava and Ryan begin an affair. Rebecca asks Phil to help Nora, knowing he has the financial means. Rebecca has false labor pains, causing her to reveal her promise to Vita. Sal catches Ryan and Ava in an embrace.
Double Take (Episode 50) Phil comes to Nora's aid but in a heartfelt moment, they sleep together. Rebecca begins showing. Sal confronts Ryan. Ryan comes clean to Phil. Phil and Ava hash it out, she reveals she has been laundering money from him.
Tearjerker (Episode 51) Phil and Nora admit there is nothing between them, he decides he still loves Gerry. Rebecca and Sal prepare for the birth of their child. Ryan tries to apologize, Phil vows revenge. Ava tries to turn Phil's friend against him.
Declarations (Episode 52) Phil goes to tell Gerry he loves her. After her plans fail, Ava learns her mother isn't well. Sal and Rebecca learn they're having a boy. Ryan contemplates a future with Ava. Nora celebrates her daughter's birthday.

Season 5

  • Consists of 13 Episodes, and jumps ahead 5 years.
Episode Synopsis
Time Flies (Episode 52) 5 years later, Rebecca and Sal are divorcing and have a son, Dominic. Nora is married to Paul Amberson, Sarah is a child. Phil exposed Ryan and Ava's affair, ruining his career. Phil is engaged to Rebecca's sister, Mia. Ava is gone.
Salary Raise (Episode 53) It's revealed Phil had married Gerry, had a daughter Justine, but Gerry died. Rebecca and Sal have their marriage dissolved and bicker. Nora gets an offer to return as a doctor. Phil and Mia put the touches on their wedding. Ryan sulks.
New Beginnings (Episode 54) Ryan rebounds by getting a job, coaching kids. Nora begins work again. As Rebecca helps Mia plan her wedding, she reveals that Phil has changed. Sal and Ryan go out to pick up girls. Paul reveals to Nora he wants to have a baby.
Decisions, Decisions (Episode 55) Nora reveals she is done having children, and that Sarah is enough. Rebecca fights for custody of her son. Sal vents to Ryan, Ryan contemplates children. Paul feels left out of the group.
Party On (Episode 56) The boys throw Phil a bachelor party. Sal tries to patch Ryan and Phil's tattered friendship, Paul learns that Nora has been keeping a secret. At Mia's party, Rebecca warns her sister that marriage is bad. Nora states how the group has changed.
Bliss (Episode 57) It's Phil and Mia's wedding day. Ryan meets one of the mom's whose son (Alex) he coaches. Rebecca meets, Jeremy George, a friend of Phil's at the wedding. A drunken Sal tells a feuding Paul and Nora he still loves Rebecca. Paul and Nora grow apart.
Honeymoon (Episode 58) Phil and Mia leave for their honeymoon. Paul tells Nora he wants a separation. Nora gives Sal some advice. Ryan asks the mom (Colleen Judge) on a date. Rebecca finds herself romantically entangled with Jeremy and concludes he can help her.
Over It' (Episode 59) Rebecca and Jeremy begin dating, to Sal's annoyance. Paul and Mia return from their honeymoon. Ryan bonds with Alex, Colleen's son. Nora faces the facts that her marriage could be over and confides in Phil.
Possibilities (Episode 60) Rebecca and Jeremy take things to a new level. Sal tells Ryan that his ex-wife's romance irks him, as Ryan admits he is falling in love with Colleen. Phil and Mia adjust to married life. Nora and Paul argue over their separation.
Separate but Equal (Episode 61) As Nora vents to Phil about her marital problems, they share a romantically charged moment. Ryan tells Colleen he loves her. Paul persuades Sal not to tell Rebecca he loves her. Rebecca realizes Jeremy loves her, she doesn't return his feelings.
Be Honest (Episode 62) Nora tells Phil he has become a cold businessman, and realizes she loves Paul. Phil has a breakdown with Mia. Rebecca tells Nora she still loves Sal. Sal tries to move on. Ryan overhears Colleen tells a friend she only wanted to bed a FORMER celebrity.
There's the Door (Episode 63) Ryan confronts Colleen about what she said. Nora invites Paul to Sarah's birthday party, Paul reveals she knows Sarah's dad was a married man something Nora lied about. Rebecca and Mia talk about their parents. Sal struggles with his feelings about Rebecca.
Too Late? (Episode 64) Nora and Paul have a heart to heart. Rebecca tries to end things with Jeremy, he proposes. Ryan breaks up with Colleen and admits that maybe he is destined to be alone. Mia reveals to Phil that she is pregnant.

Season 6

  • Consists of 13 Episodes.
Episode Synopsis Air Date
Return (Episode 65) Marin returns to Overlook Acres a star and married to the new Mayor, Ari Lux. Ryan tries to keep his distance from Marin. Phil is indifferent over Mia's news. Rebecca accepts Jeremy's proposal to Sal's dismay. Nora and Paul try to reach Phil.
Chicken or Fish? (Episode 66) Jeremy begins to plan his and Rebecca's wedding. Marin rubs her happiness in Rebecca's face. After re-examining his life, Phil tries to right his wrongs. Nora and Paul reignite their marriage. Sal begins dating again.
Run In (Episode 67) Ryan runs into Colleen and lashes out at her. Mia accuses her sister of marrying Jeremy to spite Sal. Sal introduces his girlfriend, Hannah Frazier, to the gang. Nora shares everything with Paul, including her past romance with Phil. Marin is shocked to learn how the group has grown apart and changed.
Happy Couple? (Episode 68) Rebecca and Jeremy throw an engagement party. Paul doesn't want Nora around Phil, which causes a dispute. Ryan gets a strange vibe from Ari. Hannah asks Sal if he is over Rebecca. Mia and a child aged Justine have trouble connecting. After the party Ari strikes Marin.
Battered (Episode 69) Marin decides to give Ari another chance. Nora and Paul grow apart again, and Paul warns Mia. Rebecca meets Hannah, and they get along to Sal's disappointment. Ryan and Phil bump into each other, but do not reconcile their friendship.
Stressed Out (Episode 70) Ari's abuse escalates, but Marin attributes it to his job. Ryan hears something shocking about Colleen. A teenage Sarah tells her mother she wants to go to boarding school. While dropping Dominic off with Sal, he and Rebecca remember their past marriage. Mia forbids Phil from seeing Nora.
XOXO (Episode 71) Nora says goodbye as Sarah goes off to boarding school. Phil confronts Paul. After learning that Colleen abandoned Alex, Ryan goes to see him. Ari continues his abuse. Rebecca nearly confesses her love to Sal. Jeremy notices Sal and Becca around each other.
Postponement (Episode 72) Rebecca tries to delay her upcoming wedding, without reason. Hannah moves in with Sal. Ryan decides to adopt Alex in his mother's absence. Having had enough, Marin confides in Nora. Mia forces Phil to confront his feelings for Nora.
Anything Goes (Episode 73) Nora persuades Marin to file for divorce. Rebecca's plan to delay her wedding is derailed by Jeremy's insistence they marry sooner. Hannah is put off when Dominic says he wants his parents together again. Ryan tries to bond with a hurt Alex. Mia learns she is having twins.
Later (Episode 74) Marin moves back into the apartments and reveals her intention to divorce. Nora tells her friends of Marin's abuse, except Ryan. Mia and Rebecca have joint showers. Whilst discussing their friendship, Phil and Nora kiss. Hannah notices how Sal avoids the question of marriage.
Consequences (Episode 75) Mia hires interior designer Tim Heep to decorate her children's rooms. Justine reveals she saw her father's kiss with Nora to Mia. After Sal and Rebecca get into a fight, Jeremy begins to realize something is up. Nora and Phil conclude again, there is nothing between them.
Fury (Episode 76) Mia lays it on hard to Phil, who tries to patch up their marriage for their kids. Ryan learns about Marin's abusive marriage and is furious. Nora again declares her love to Paul. Jeremy and Rebecca's wedding is all set to take place. Marin awaits the end of her marriage.
A Spark (Episode 77) On their wedding day, Jeremy realizes Rebecca and Sal love each other and calls them out on it, and calls off the wedding. Nora and Paul reunite. Mia goes into labor at the wedding. Ryan goes to confront Ari but finds his home on fire in a form of suicide, knowing the scandal would ruin his career.

Season 7

  • Consists of 13 Episodes
Episode Synopsis
L-O-V-E (Episode 78) Hannah breaks up with Sal. Sal asks Rebecca if she loves him. Paul and Nora tell everyone their going to visit Sarah, but promise to be around. Mia has twins (Wally, and Mable), she asks Phil for a divorce. Marin deals with Ari's death. Ryan gets an offer in the Minor Leagues.
Regret (Episode 79) Rebecca asserts she no longer loves Sal. Ryan injures himself the first game in. Marin is bombarded by paparazzi. Mia tells Phil's divorce is derailed when her and Rebecca's long absent father, Heath, shows up.
Reunion (Episode 80) Heath tries to reconcile with his daughters after abandoning them years ago. Phil is there for Mia. Rebecca finds comfort as well, in the arms of Tim Heep. Ryan receives a nurse to help him recover, Ophelia Alap. Marin decides to end her life in the spotlight.
Limited Time (Episode 81) Heath's desire to reconcile with his daughters is derailed when they learn he is dying. Phil asks Mia if they can try again. Ryan finds himself attracted to Ophelia. Rebecca and Tim share a kiss. Sal calls Hannah. Marin says goodbye to music.
Death's Door (Episode 82) Sal and Phil drink too much. Sal admits his love for Rebecca, while Phil admits to still loving someone else. Tim asks Rebecca on a date in the wake of her father's ailing health. Mia decides to forgive her father.
On Hold (Episode 83) After talking to Phil, Sal goes to confess his love to Rebecca but learns about Tim and that her father just died. Mia still wants a divorce. Marin meets a reporter, Don Hull. Ryan and Ophelia share a kiss.
Business or Pleasure? (Episode 84) Rebecca finds herself falling in love with Tim, but is torn when Sal expresses his sympathies. Marin is thrown off when she learns Don is a reporter. Mia and Phil's marriage comes to an end. Mia then leaves town to re-discover herself and leaves the kids with Phil.
Reality Bites (Episode 85) Phil struggles with his three children. Tim gets to know Rebecca's friends, and Sal. Don asks Marin, she declines thinking h just wants a story. Ryan and Ophelia's romance gets serious.
Sparkle (Episode 86) Tim proposes to Rebecca, Ryan also proposes to Ophelia. Marin and Sal lean on each other and for a brief moment, they re-connect. Phil's continued struggles at home prompt him to seek out help.
Touching (Episode 87) Ryan and Alex discuss him marrying Ophelia. Sal and Marin try to address their near romantic encounter but end up kissing. Rebecca and Don see the kiss and have differing reactions. After seeing Ryan and Alex interact, Phil delivers a heartfelt apology to Ryan.
Friendship (Episode 88) Phil and Ryan end their feud. Don writes a story saying that Marin committed arson to kill Ari because of an affair with Sal. Rebecca again gets cold feet as her engagement goes on.
Seriously? (Episode 89) Nora returns for Rebecca's bridal shower and urges her to accept that she still loves Sal. Marin tries to fend off paparazzi while Sal confronts Don. Ryan learns of Marin's situation and questions himself.
Tough Times (Episode 90) Rebecca and Tim get married. Marin asks Sal to try again. Ryan realizes he only sees Ophelia as a caretaker. Phil visits Geraldine's grave with Justine. At her reception, Rebecca finally tells Sal she still loves him.

Season 8

  • Consists of 13 Episodes.
Episode Synopsis
At Long Last (Episode 91) Rebecca and Tim divorce, and Sal chooses Rebecca over Marin... again. Ryan tries to fall in love with Ophelia. Mia returns following her sister's disastrous marriage.Phil sets out to win Mia back.
Life is Hell (Episode 92) Marin lashes out at Rebecca, while Don returns to wreak more havoc. Ryan ends things with Ophelia and she delivers a dose of reality. Tim leaves town. While watching their kids, Phil and Mia share a moment.
Again (Episode 93) Sal asks Rebecca to marry him, again. Phil reveals that he is changing his ways, Mia isn't impressed. Marin is questioned by police due to Don, who is revealed to be Ari's adult son.
It's Over (Episode 94) Ryan sulks over his single life to Mia. Marin seeks Phil's help in getting rid of Don. Rebecca and Sal re-marry in a small ceremony. Ryan and Mia then sleep together in a moment of weakness.
Stork (Episode 95) Rebecca learns that she is pregnant again. She is concerned about her being a mature adult and the pregnancy. Ryan and Mia discuss the possibility of trying again, as Phil overhears. Marin tries to reach out to Don.
Heal (Episode 96) As Rebecca and Marin visit Nora for emotional support, she convinces them to end their rivalry. Phil and Ryan get into it over Mia. Mia then tells Phil he hasn't changed and they can never be together. Ryan ends things with Mia. Sal Dominic spend time together.
Blast from the Past (Episode 97) Ryan gets a shock when Colleen shows up. Dominic expresses concern for his mother. Mia decides to leave town again, but Phil makes a last ditch effort to reunite. Marin appeals to Don who leaves town.
Torn (Episode 98) Colleen tries to poison Alex against Ryan. Mia gives Phil a second chance and they begin dating again. Marin decides to set the story straight and write about what happened with Ari.
Good Times (Episode 99) Sal and Rebecca take a stroll down memory lane. Phil and Ryan reconcile for a second time, at Mia's behest. Ryan has Colleen arrested. Marin outs the finishing touches on her book.
Without You (Episode 100) Torn over who to believe, Alex runs away. Rebecca and Sal prep for the birth of their second child. Marin's book is released and she again ascends to the fame now as a writer. Mia and Justine have a heart to heart.
Allies (Episode 101) Ryan enlists Marin's help in finding Alex. Mia and Rebecca bond again and apologize for their past antagonism. Sal reveals to Phil that years ago when he admitted his love for Rebecca, Phil declared his love for someone else.
Lost and Found (Episode 102) As Ryan loses hope over finding his son, Marin comforts him and their spark is reignited. Phil tells Sal he doesn't want to know whose name he said that night. When Rebecca describes her reunion with Sal, Mia reveals she didn't feel that way with Phil.
Life (Episode 103) Rebecca gives birth to a daughter, Paola. While discussing their feelings for each other, Mia has an attack of mood failure. Ryan and Marin reunite.

Season 9

  • Consists of only 8 Episodes.
Episode Synopsis
Gloom (Episode 104) The gang attends Mia's funeral. Ryan informs Marin that years ago after they broke up that he loved her. Nora's daughter Sarah comes home with a shocking surprise. Phil grieves. Rebecca grieves.
Bounce Back (Episode 105) Nora is upset when Sarah refuses to reveal the identity of the father of her child. Alex returns home and reunites with his father. Marin assures Alex his mother will get the help she needs. Rebecca finds life with a young adult son and infant daughter hard. Sal comforts Phil.
Revelation (Episode 106) Dominic is revealed to be the father of Sarah's child. As Nora pushes them towards marriage, Rebecca and Sal urge them to fall in love first. Marin and Ryan express their love for each other. Phil informs the twins their mother is in heaven.
Halt (Episode 107) Dominic and Sarah discuss their situation. Phil and Nora talk about their lives, and Nora assures him he'll find love again. Sal, Marin and Rebecca assure each other their feud is over.
Bad Time (Episode 108) Phil declares to Nora he has always loved her. Dominic and Sarah decide to give marriage a shot. Rebecca learns that Eunice has died. Sal, Ryan and Paul try to recapture their youth.
Age (Episode 109) Nora gets Phil to realize that despite the past they have never been in love with each other and discerns he needs a mate, Sal shares a secret. Rebecca and Marin jointly mourn Eunice. Ryan and Alex visit Colleen.
Impossible (Episode 110) Sarah and Dominic plan a wedding, Sarah goes into labor and gives birth to a boy, Dino. Rebecca and Sal celebrate. Marin and Ryan discuss their relationship. Nora brings Ava back and brings her and Phil face to face.
... On the Other Side (Episode 111) Sarah and Dominic marry. Phil and Ava hash out their past, but declare their love and reunite. They decide to take the twins and travel the world as Justine stays behind. Ryan and Marin reveal they secretly eloped and before everyone goes their separate ways, they toast to their lives, love, and Eunice.

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