The Clapton Family is a half-deceased family living in Twinbrook. Its current living members are Nana Clapton, Gappa Clapton, Henry Clapton, and Katherine Clapton. Mama Clapton, Papa Clapton and Onkel Lewis are buried together in the backyard. Onkel Lewis died of fire, Papa died of starvation just after and Mama drowned herself after Papa's death. Henry and Katherine are the son and daughter of Mama and Papa and the grandchildren of Nana and Gappa. Henry looks like Mama, and Katherine looks like Papa. Onkel Lewis is Papa's identical brother, and both were pirates in their lifetime. The family lives in a huge mansion on the outskirts of Twinbrook, though half of it burned down in the original fire that killed Onkel and the whole family fortune was spent in repairs and replacements. Nana is kept busy by the two children and Gappa tries to pay the heavy bills.





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