Personal Life

  • In The Sims 1, she was an adult living with her sister Jenny taking care of their elderly aunt Fionah. But a week after they moved in, Fionah caught a very rare disease and died. 2 days after Fionah's death, Jenny was heartbroken she killed herself. Soon Teresa met Michael Bachelor. They were great friends and helped Teresa gain sanity. By then, she and Michael fell in love but had to keep it a secret because Teresa was of higher class then Michael. But a few months later, Michael's sister Bella Goth came to Teresa's door to tell her Michael was dead. (Not revealed until Sims 2) since Teresa always wanted a family and she was infertile she adopted a son named Marcus.

  • In The Sims 2, Teresa was an aging elder. She was living with her adopted son Marcus and his wife Marlene. Soon, Marlene fell pregnant and during the pregnancy Teresa had been killed in a fire (which also killed the maid Lucy Hanby). Teresa is survived by one son and 7 grandchildren.

  • In The Sims 3, Teresa is a toddler living with her teenage sister Mary and her sister (who is older by 7 years) Jenny. Also, her parents will be alive and her aunt Fionah will be living with them. While Teresa's still a toddler, her dad drowns to death leaving her mom and her aunt to raise the three girls. But once Teresa turns 9, her mother and her sister Mary were both killed in a fire. Leaving Fionah to raise Teresa and Jenny. Fionah is currently an aging elder, Jenny is married to Malcolm Landgraab, and Teresa is raising her infant son Marcus.

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