Ted Swirl
The Tending Ted






Book Club Moderator


Ted (nick-name)


Alicia Cabot (ex-wife)
Barbara Swirl (ex-wife; deceased)
Alicia Cabot (ex-wife)
Alicia Swirl (wife)


Ginny Waldorf (flirtation)
Diana Iago (flirtation)
Olivia Kramer (ex-girlfriend)
Amanda Campbell (ex-girlfriend)


Eve Swirl (daughter)
David Swirl (adoptive son)
Candi Centowski (step-daughter)
Mac Cabot (step-son)


Walter Cabot (father-in-law; deceased)
Frances Cabot (mother-in-law; deceased)
Catherine Andrews (sister-in-law)
Travis Cabot (brother-in-law)

Cause for Departure

Left Town after Divorce. (1st Time)
Stopped by for Only a Brief Visit. (2nd Time)
Death, by Old Age. (3rd Time)
Appeared as a Spirit. (4th/5th Time)


Theodore "Ted" Swirl is a sim in the fictional town of Sun-Crest Point.


Ted first appears as a book club moderator at Sun-Crest Point's local book shop. When Alicia Cabot, comes into the shop to read part of her latest book to the book club, Ted becomes infatuated with her, as does Alicia. After her first meeting, he asks her to return the following week to read some more. During her second visit, Ted finally asks her out and Alicia happily agress to a date. After dating for a short while, Ted is introduced to Alicia's daughter, Candi Cabot. However, her attitude at the time is sour as her relationship with Jasper Centowski. Ted refuses to allow Candi to ruin his relationship with Alicia and he pays James Person a visit and orders him to make things right between Candi and Jasper. James does so and Candi perks up. Ted's relationship with Alicia takes another downward turn when her sister, Catherine Andrews returns. When Ted meets Cathy, he seems to recognize her from somewhere, which sparks Alicia's suspicions. After some time apart Alicia pays Ted a visit after Daria jokingly asks when he will pop the question. Alicia asks if Ted ever plans to marry her. He happily tells her that he loves her but he is taking it slow because of Alicia's romantic past with her divorce and failed relationship with Escobar Reyes. After Alicia begins to probe Cathy's return, Reggie Andrews come to town and Ted offers him a place to stay, while Alicia contonues to dig into Catherine's history. Reggie and Ted bond over his stay at his home. Reggie tells Ted that when he met Catherine he was confused and figured she would help him through his confusion so they got married. However, afterwards he realized that he was gay and began a love affair with a co-worker, Harry. Reggie then told Ted that he fell in love with Harold but that he broke up with him and blamed him for Catherine's un-happiness and broken heart. Reggie then asks Ted if he can stay with him a while longer until he finds his own place and Ted says he is welcome to stay as long as he needs. Ted then goes to Halcoyn Hill for Catherine's wedding to William Halcoyn. However, Alicia has figured out Catherine's past as a con artist and confronts her and stops the wedding. Afterwards Ted asks Alicia to marry him, since now there is an empty wedding set up all ready to go. She accepts and they marry on the spot. They then embark upon a happy marriage. However, Alicia quickly begins to wonder if she only married Ted to try and get over John, which she isn't. When learning that Candi and Jasper Centowski, purposely broke up Mae McBride and Escobar Reyes, he decides to keep it a secret from Alicia so as not to upset her or fringe her friendship with Mae. He goes to great lnghts to keep them apart so Mae won't tell her about it. Eventually Mae does tell Alicia who becomes angry with Ted and Candi but later retracts her arguing. Un-known to Ted, Alicia and John have a small fling on the side. This isn't brought to his attention until Donna Talbot, comes into the bookstore and asks if Ted is Alicia's brother since they have the same last name. She informs him that he was not them man, John, she saw Alicia making out with. After getting John's description from Donna he confronts Alicia about her adultery and tells her he has already begun the divorce process. Though Alicia proclaims her love for Ted, he leaves her. Candi catches him on his way out of their home and pleads him to stay as she can't handle another divorce. Ted tells Candi he loved her like his own daughter but can't. Candi vows to make their relationship work again before the divorce is finalized. Ted tells her she won't have the chance as he is leaving town. He than gets in his car and rives out of Sun-Crest Point, leaving Alicia in shambles.


Ted would later call Alicia during the height of The Sun-Crest Killings. He would ask her to meet him for a lunch date to catch up and gain some closeure on their divorce. She accepts and when they meet that afternoon Ted informs Alicia that he has re-married to a woman named Barbara and together they have had a daughter named Eve. It seems as though Ted only met with her to boast, he admits that he did want to see her and they both apologized for the downfall of their marriage. They then depart and Ted, Barbara and Eve leave town as they were only in the area for a visit.


Ted returns to Sun-Crest Point, the night when Alicia returns from finding her mother, Frances Cabot, dead. Alicia is shocked when she helps Candi get to sleep after fighting with her husband, Luke Donovan, then turns to see Ted standing in her doorway. Ted and Alicia then spend the entire night talking and catching up. Ted reveals that he and Barbara have divorced because one night her brother, Howard, revealed to him that Barb only married him because she felt she could not do any better and wanted to have children before she became too old. After their discussion Ted tells Alicia he'll be moving back to town after becoming a parnter at the book shop. He then asks her out to dinner... as friends, Alicia then accepts. However, after their dinner Alicia attempts to kiss Ted, until he pulls back. He tells her they shouldn't make the ame mistake twice. He and Alicia manage to maintain afriendship, then Barbara shows up with Eve in tow in attempt to win Ted back over. However, Ted refuses to have any of her antics and Barbara decides to remain in Sun-Crest Point. One afternoon she drops Eve off with Ted while he is working, Ted later gives her to Alicia to watch. When Barbara finds out about this she becomes furious and tells Ted this is just what she needed to gain full custody of Eve. The fear of losing his daughter devestates Ted and Alicia then forms a plan that would allow Ted to win custody of Eve instead of Barbara. They then return with the news that they have re-married. However, it is revealed that their marriage is simply so Ted can garner full custody of Eve. Low and behold they do get full custody, and after Ted gets his daughter back he tells Alicia he will get their marriage annulled. This is when Alicia decides to tell Ted that she would like to give them another chance. However, Ted tells her that he can't risk being that hurt again and tells her that he has to end their marriage and that they had a platonic agreement. Alicia tries to tell him that she loves him but ultimately withholds. Ted then ends their second marriage. After wards he meets Diana Iago and tries to comfort and reason with her as she appears depressed. They exchange brief flirtations but Ted leaves her once he learns that she is upset because she hates that her daughter, Jessica Iago, is a lesbian. He then tells her that he is also aware that she is still clearly in love with her ex-husband, Dexter. Ted then finds another new love interest, in the form of Olivia Kramer. After they scare each toher while out late he asks her out and she happily accepts.

Their relationship tragically ends when Amanda Campbell sets her sights on Ted as a way to get back at Candi. Her plan works and Olivia catches them having dinner one evening. Then she persueds Ted to enter into a romantic relationship with her, he does so but Mandy has trouble pulling the trigger... physically. When she is aksed if she slept with Ted by Mona Halcoyn she reveals she and Ted never did the deed and that it wasn't any fun stringing along a guy who was clearly in love. Ted then witnesses Saul and Alicia's engagement and visibly becomes distressed. However, when Alicia and Saul's wedding goes to take place Candi has a little mental breakdown when she sees Jasper and Janet Brigham together. As well, the kids also express their desire that their parents not mary for an election but because they want to. When Candi does seemingly fall apart, Alicia realizes her daughter needs her and calls off the wedding and her relationship with Saul. Sula then comes across Ted when his wedding falls through and he tells Ted that he had hoped he would be enough but wasn't. Ted becomes confused by this and Saul reveals that he knows Alicia and Ted are hopelessly in love with each other and they should stop acting like children about it. This causes Ted to go and see Alicia. There he gets on his knees and professes his undying love for her. She asks if she could ever take him back and she answers by passionately kissing him. They then proceed to woo hoo and spend the remainder of the night together. The following morning they go to the hospital to check on Candi after giving birth to her daughter, Alexa. However, their kodak moment is cut short when they learn of Franky, Haley and Emma's kidnapping. They rush to the police station where Catherine's bait and switch plan is revealed. Ted then leaves and bonds with Karen as they go to pick their kids up from school, and she reveals her pregnancy. After Franky and the Grendel girls are returned safe and sound, Alicia cut Catherine out of her life, begins to bond with Travis and then get an offer to go on a book tour for her book on the Sun-Crest Killings. With her daughter happy, Alicia decides she could use some time away from town and asks Ted if he would come with her, he quickly accepts. Alicia Cabot and Ted Swirl then leaves Sun-Crest Point, however, they inform their friends and relatives they will only be gone a short while and will indeed return with Sun-Crest Point being their home. Ted then leaves Eve with her mother and leaves with Alicia.

Post-Book Tour

Ted and Alicia return in the wake of Candi and Jasper's engagement and, reveal some secrets of their own.... their engaged as well and, they have also adopted a child aged son together, David Swirl. Alicia and Ted decide to halt their wedding plans until after Candi and Jasper's wedding. Then at Candi's wedding reception, Ted gets a call and is informed that hos ex-wife, Barbara, has died in a car accident. His teenage daughter, Eve, then returns to Sun-Crest Point to come live with her father and Alicia and newly adopted brother. She convinces Ted and Alicia to marry in a small ceremony and, Ted and Alicia ultimately marry for a third time. Then Ted's life reaches criticial mass when Barbara's brother, Howard, comes to town and tells him that he is taking Eve to come live woth him, feeling that Ted and Alicia are bad role models. Alicia and Ted unite to save their children and, their marriage.

Howard goes as far as to get the police, meaning Travis, involved in Eve's well being. This causes Travis to go back and look into his sister's question commitment past and, if she really can provide a good home for Eve. Ted constantly argues with Howard and, Eve voices how she desires to remain with her father, step-mother and brother. However, Howard dismisses this as Eve just trying to sound loyal to her "irresponsible" father. However, Howard blames Ted for the death of his sister. Ted then confronts Howard a final time where Howard admits that he truly blames himself for Barbara's death. If Howie hadn't told Ted about Barb's using Ted when they were married, he may never have left her and, she never would have died. Teed then consoles Howard, who relents and allows Eve to stay with Ted. Ted, however, thanks Howard for having told him about Barbara because, he then may have never reunited with Alicia.

Following his confrontation with Howard, Eve shocks Ted with the revelation, that Barbara may not be dead after all, her grave no longer sits in the cemetary. Ted then enlists the investigating skills of Franky Werner, to see if Barbara had survived her accident or if she faked her death. Franky looks into it and, concludes that an accident did occur but, it is possible that Barbara survived but, why would she fake her death and, where is she? Eve comes to believe that her mother is alive and, sets out to find her. Right after her high school graduation, Eve follows every lead possible in search of Barbara. Alicia feels that this search for Barb, means Ted still has feelings for her but, he insists it is solely for Eve's benefit. Then on the evening, of Mary Ann and Winston's second wedding, Ted collapses while dancing with Alicia. He goes to the hospital, but Monica Bremmer pronounces Ted dead on arrival, due to old age.


When Alicia falls deathly ill towards the series end, she marries Chris McCain. Yet, she soon succumbs to her illness and dies before the series finale. At her funeral, her ghost overlooks how her death brought everyone back together. She is then met by Ted's ghost and brought peacefully to the afterlife. He then appears in the finale to his daughter Eve and encourages her to reconcile with her love, Jake Cannery, his once half-brother-in-law. In the flash forward Eve and Jake are shown to be married.

Still Shining

In the spin-off, Ted appears once to his adoptive son, David Swirl, upon discovering that he is actually Alicia's biological child with Chris, and his twin, Mac. Ted confides his love for David and tells him that he should build a relationship with both Mac and Chris. Before he departs he tells David to tell Jane Werner his feelings and that he and Alicia are happy.

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