Ta-lej Larisa
Ta-Lej Larisa
Hi! My name is Ta-lej Larisa!

Name: Ta-lej Larisa
Gender: Female


Parents: Angelo Larisa, Tajiz Larisa (deceased), Judy Larisa (step-mother)
Siblings: Brittany Larisa, Amelia Larisa (unborn half-sister), Josh Larisa (step-brother)
Spouse: Jack Mamo (engaged)

The Sims 2

Age: Child
Life State: Human
Aspiration: Grow Up
Sign: Cancer

Status: Playable
Neighborhood: Titanaville

The Sims 3

Life stage: Young Adult
Traits: Excitable, Good, Hopeless Romantic, Family Orientated, Vegetarian
Favorites: Pop, cake, Black

Neighborhood: Titanaville

Ta-lej Larisa is the older daughter of Angelo and Tajiz Larisa and the older sister of Brittany. Ta-lej, dispite being chinese, was born in Japan and moved here as a baby. In the begining, she is a toddler and has recently moved in with her parents. Her father got a job and her mother raised her. Brittany was soon adopted as a toddler and took a liking with her sister. Ta-lej and Brittany are now children and best friends. They are also friends with Fiona Ismay. Tajiz has recently died of illness since I forgot to make medicne for her.

Sims 3

Ta-lej will be a Young Adult on Sims 3. She is engaged to Jack Mamo, younger brother of Taven Mamo, who is married to Fiona Ismay. Her mother's grave is gone, and her father has remarried to Judy Roko, a princess. Ta-lej and Brittany have a step-brother named Josh, and a sibling who is unborn (I plan to get them to have a girl).

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