Suzie Alido and Blare Custer are a main super-couple in the Ribbon Heights series.

Suzie and Blare enver formally meet but meet somewhere and begin dating. Suzie is divorced and has a daughter, Dahlia Alido. The two become very serious and it appears that they both have fallen in love with the other. When Blare asks Suzie to marry him, she rejects his proposal and breaks up with him. She cites the reason is that she is still hung up on her ex-husband and their ensuing divorce. However, days after becoming an Elder sim with the other, Blare re-appears and he and Suzie give their relationship another shot and Blare moves in with Suzie. Just as they rekindle their romance, Suzie's ex-husband, Cyrus, comes to Pineview.

It is clear from the beginning that Cyrus was an abusive husband towards Suzie and he has come for revenge. He constantly annoys Suzie and asks hostile questions about Blare and his relationship with Suzie and Dahlia. Suzie voices her concerns to Blare who promises to keep her and Dahlia safe. Cyrus blames Suzie for everything, their divorce and taking Dahlia. He then tries to kill Suzie by exposing her in a hail storm for too long. His plan almost suceeds until Blare shows up, beats up Cyrus and gets Suzie and himself to shelter, Cyrus then whinds up dying in the storm. Blare then re-proposes to Suzie, this time she accepts.

after a relatively long engagement, Suzie and Blare marry. Their marriage appears happy and healthy. After the Clara Shin fire. Blare becomes depressed and suffers aspiration breakdowns. Suzie then re-considers the status of her marriage. When the stories resume in The Next Generation, it is revealed that Suzie divorced Blare and he left town due to his problems. She then becomes enagaged to Ken Rossim, but their engagement is called off. As she approaches the end she leaves town to go see Blare. Dahlia then recieves word her mother has died. When she recieves her ashes the name reads "Suzie Custer," meaning while she went to see Blare they re-married. Days later she recieves her step-father's ashes.

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