Susanna Schwann is a sim ion the town of Pineview. She is the daughter of Muriel Quarren and Jacque Schwann. Initially her parents are married but divorce before Susanna is born. She is then juggled around all her life. This is why Susanna simply takes on lovers instead of actual relationships.

Pineview: Descendants

In the finale, 20 years later Susanna is the town floozy, she has a son, Duke, from a previous lover. She becomes interested in Kale Rozz but notices his interest in Bunny Sprawl.

Pineview: Revisited

When the re-boot begins it is revealed that Susanna is a twice divorced mother of one. She has a son named Duke. She is seen by her neighbors as a man hungry cougar. She becomes immediately infatuated with Kale Rozz, until she notices his interest in her arch enemy, Bunny Sprawl. She tries to gain Kale's affection but he ultimately chooses Bunny over her. Susanna then becomes extremely jealous and sets out with intent on revenge. When Bunny throws a birthday party for her daughter, Vivian, Susanna begins to openly flirt and kiss Bunny's womanizing ex-husband, Camden. Bunny becomes angry and a catfight ensues in the middle of the party. Kale then thinks that Bunny is hung up on her divorce from Camden and dumps her. Susanna then realizes that Kale is free but has developed feelings for Camden.

Susanna Schwann
Hi! My name is Susanna Schwann!
Name Susanna Schwann
Gender Female
Life stage Adult
Sign Aries

Parents Davis Schwann (grand-father; deceased)
Melissa Shin (grand-mother; deceased)
Sigird Wilt (aunt; deceased)
Anya Platz (aunt)
Percy Schwann (uncle)
Astrid Schwann (aunt)
Jorja Friz (aunt)
Jacque Schwann (father; deceased)
Muriel Quarren (mother)
Spouse(s) Mystery Sim (ex-husband)
Mystery Sim (ex-husband)
Camden Sprawl (boyfriend)
Child(ren) Duke Schwann (son)

Neighborhood Pineview

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