Summer Azumer is curently the youngest child of the family. More info later, when Winter is born.
Summer Azumer
Hi! My name is Summer Azumer!
Name Summer Azumer
Gender Female
Life stage Toddler
Aspiration Grow Up
Sign Taurus

Parents Ottor Azumer, Peggy Azumer
Sibling(s) Autumn Azumer, Spring Azumer, Winter Azumer (unborn)

Neighborhood Titanaville
Tyra's Next Top Model
Order 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1 Monique Shalice Claire Katherine Julia Bianca Claire Anastasia Tabitha Tabitha Ginger Monique Monique
2 Dianne Dianne Tabitha Tabitha Monique Claire Anastasia Shalice Ginger Monique Monique Ginger Ginger
3 Tabitha Monique Bianca Bianca Shalice Monique Monique Tabitha Shalice Ginger Tabitha Tabitha
4 Claire Olicia Anastasia Eena Claire Ginger Shalice Claire Monique Anastasia Anastasia
5 Anastasia Claire Monique Claire Anastasia Katherine Tabitha Monique Anastasia Shalice
6 Katherine Katherine Katherine Shalice Bianca Shalice Ginger Ginger Claire
7 Julia Julia Eena Julia Katherine Tabitha Katherine Katherine
8 Bianca Bianca Ginger Ginger Ginger Anastasia Bianca
9 Olicia Ginger Julia Monique Tabitha Julia
10 Lucy Tabitha Shalice Anastasia Eena
11 Eena Eena Dianne Dianne
12 Ginger Anastasia Olicia
13 Shalice Lucy
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