Simseriesmaker's SNTM has had 5 cycles and is preparing for it's sixth.

                              Cycle 1-Cycle 1 was the first cycle and had six contestants, The winner was Nikki, who has yet to sign to any agency.


Tyra's Call Out Order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4
01 Sally Sally  Danielle Sally Nikki
02 Danielle Nikki  Sally Nikki Sally
03 Holly Danielle  Nikki  Danielle
04 Nikki Holly Holly
05 Hilary Hilary
06 Alex

                       Cycle 2-Cycle 2 was the second cycle and never aired. The winner was Brooke Fierce, who is now signed with Master Model Agency.


Tyra's Call Out Order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8



Yvonne Crystal Ming-Su Brooke Crystal Brooke Brooke
02 Crystal Crystal Brooke Brooke Brooke Ming-Su Ming-Su  Crystal Crystal
03 Yvonne Brooke Arriana  Yvonne Yvonne Crystal Brooke Ming-Su
04 Brooke Monique Crystal Cassandra Cassandra Yvonne Yvonne
05 Rebecca Ming-Su Cassandra Monique Crystal Cassandra
06 Ming-Su Cassandra Ming-Su  Ming-Su Monique
07 Kyle Yvonne Monique Arriana
08 Cassandra Arriana Kyle
09 Arriana Rebecca 
10  Toccara 

                     Cycle 3


                     Cycle 4-


Tyra's Call Out Order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
01 Kelly Alex  Marcy Ashley Ashley Ashley Brandy Brandy Brandy
02 Ashley Jen Brandy Alex Jen Brandy Jen Ashley Ashley
03 Marcy Marcy Brisha Brandy Brisha Brisha Ashley Jen
04 Alex Stephanie Stephanie Brisha Brandy Jen Brisha
05 Ice Ice Alex Jen Marcy Marcy
06 Jen  Brisha Ashley Marcy Alex
07 Brandy Ashley  Jen Stephanie
08 Brisha Brandy  Ice 
09 Stephanie Kelly 
10  Felicia 

               Cycle 5-

1 10 11
1 Layna Selena Madeleine Katy Katy Mohagany Katy Madeleine Audrey Maya Katy Katy
2 Maya Maya Felicity Felicity Madeleine Maya Audrey Maya Katy Katy Maya Maya
3 Mohagany Hannah Audrey Mohagany Felicity Madeleine Mohagany Mohagany Maya Audrey Audrey
4 Audrey Paper Paper Maya Maya Audrey Madeleine Audrey Madeleine Madeleine
5 Hannah Shina Katy Hannah Paper Katy Felicity Katy Mohagany
6 Madeleine Mohagany Hannah Madeleine Audrey Layna Maya Felicity
7 Paper Layna Mohagany Paper Layna Felicity Layna
8 Layna Madeleine Maya Audrey Mohagany Paper
9 Felicity Katy Layna Layna Hannah
10 Mohagany Audrey Selena Selena
11 Katy Felicity Shina
12 Kiki Kiki
13 Samantha


Tyra's Call Out Order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
01 Abby Indigo  Idala Abby Lauren Poppy Indigo Poppy Indigo
02 Indigo Salomie  Sunny Kimberly Indigo Kimberly Kimberly Indigo Poppy
03 Kimberly Abby  Kimberly  Indigo Abby Abby Poppy Kimberly
04 Sunny Lauren Abby Lauren Sunny Indigo Abby
05 Gertrude Kimberly Indigo Idala Kimberly Sunny
06 Lauren Poppy Salomie  Sunny Idala
07 Poppy Sunny Poppy Poppy
08 Styila Gertrude  Lauren Salomie 
09 Idala Idala Gertrude 
10  Salomie Styila 
11 Leyona

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