Simatoga is a small town that exists now where it used to be famous TS3 town of Riverview.

Story of Simatoga

After the bloody mob war between the local mob and the Jamaican outfit finally came to an end, Riverview was left in shambles. All the residents that had enough Simoleons to leave did that and the mayor resigned and left to a calmer place. But then one person stepped up: the vice-mayor, Vincent Althorp. He got what was left of the town's police force to finally finish off what was left of the criminal organizations. He then got the permission from the courts in SimCity to change the town's name to Simatoga, where the Sims fought off the men of the old country for the right to have lhamas in their backyards and outlaw the act of marrying their cousins. Then Althorp spent the last money the city had in its coffers to attract people there, with tax rebates and propaganda. He was so succesful that families and more families flocked to the town.


Althorp Family

Vincent Althorp, the new mayor, his wife Illana and his sons Fred and Jonathan.

Kasen Family

Kichiro, leader of the local Yakuza, newly arrived in town, and his two brothers Yuko and Kenji.

Grey Family

Tomas Grey III, old money and CEO of Grey Oil International, his wife, Amanda and his son, Tomas Grey IV.

I will also add more sims over time.

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