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Logo of Sim Generation. Characters from left to right: Chris Roomies, Bella Goth, Bob Newbie, Betty Newbie, Mortimer Goth and Melissa Roomies

Sim Generation is a video show on YouTube made by the user edukara. The show is subtitled in Portuguese because the user is originally from Brazil. The show has 25 chapter about the storyline from The Sims to The Sims 2.

It is one of the most-watched The Sims shows on YouTube.

On July 2009, the author of the series announced that there will be a Sim Generation with The Sims 3 for the next year. The series is going to be based from The Sims to the The Sims 3 storyline with the two neighbourhoods of Sunset Valley and Riverview, so we are going to see families like the Goths, Bachelors, Newbies, Simovitchs, and more.

The beginning

The story starts at the Newbie Household. Betty and Bob Newbie are kissing when a earthquake occurs in SimCity. At the Goth's household, Bella goes to the second story to see if everything is alright, when she sees a neighbour undergoing a "transformation". After that, the entire neighbourhood changes and looks like it does in The Sims 2 (fully 3D).


Warning: the following contains SPOILERS!

Character Appearances (Chapters) Description
Bob Newbie 1 - 20 He is the male protagonist of Sim Generation until his death. He lives with his wife, Betty, and his daughter, Brandi. He works in the Business career. He dies in chapter 20 at Brandi's marriage.
Betty Newbie 1 - 20 She is the female protagonist of Sim Generation until her death. She lives with her husband, Bob, and her daughter, Brandi. She dies in chapter 20 with her husband.
Mortimer Goth all chapters He works in the Science career and lives with his wife, Bella, and daughter, Cassandra. He loves sports cars and swimming. His boss calls him at chapter 19 about moving to Pleasantview with his family. He and his family now live at the Goth Manor. At the last chapter, he can be seen as an old man, but Cassandra's newest invention, the Elixir of Life, turns him into an adult again.
Bella Goth all chapters She lives with her husband, Mortimer, and her daughter, Cassandra. She is the enemy of Chris Roomies. She always supported her daughter when she is depressed. At chapter 23, she is abducted by aliens at Don Lothario's house, and is returned by the aliens accidentally to Strangertown in the last chapter, where she is founded by Pollination Technician 9 at the Smith Household, who helps her to return home.
Cassandra Goth all chapters She is the daugther of Bella and Mortimer Goth. She grows to be a teen in chapter 7 and meets her boyfriend, Don Lothario. She has a friend in high school named Julia and her worst enemy is named Mary. Mary tried to make Don brake up with Cassandra, but in chapter 14, at the graduation ball, Mary sees Cassandra as more beautiful than her, so she leaves her alone. In the next chapter, during graduation, she gets engaged to Don, but in chapter 17, she sees Don cheating with another girl. She considers herself to be a loser converting in a nerd. In chapter 24, Don comes to the Goth Household to tell Mortimer about his wife's abduction, when Cassandra appears and insults Don. Don tries to apologize to her and after hours of conversation, Cassandra accepts his apology. In the last chapter, Cassandra gets married to Don, and at the end, appears preganted in her new house.
Chris Roomies/Dina Caliente all chapters She lives with her best friend Melissa and she loves money more than anyone. When she and her room-mate move to SimCity, she "finds" a counterfeiting machine. When she meets Bella Goth, she talks badly about Bella's husband. Bella responds with an insult, saying that Chris will never be more rich than her. Later, Chris counterfeits money to buy a new mansion and make Bella look bad. After buying the new mansion, Chris is going to start a inauguration party with all the neighbours and invites Bella too. After the dinner, Mortimer asks Chris how she could buy the mansion. She replied that Sim Petrol was donating money, but Bella says that she counterfeited the money for the mansion. Chris attacks Bella and they never talk again. One day, Miss Crumplebottom sees Chris counterfeiting money and she calls the police. Chris is arrested and her roommate, Melissa, is warned that she will be arrested someday if she continues counterfeiting money. Melissa hires a lawyer to free Chris from the jail: Michael Bachelor. When Chris meets him, the two fall in love. In court, Micheal helps Chris get out of jail, and Chris, with her roommate Melissa, and her boyfriend, Michael, celebrates after winning the trail. But the police start trying to reach them again. After the news about their crime is spread, Chris, Melissa, and Michael go to Michael's house where there is a Face Changing Machine. Chris and the others change their faces and makes false identifications, except for Michael. Chris is now named Dina Caliente and her roomate Melissa is named as Nina Caliente. The three are going to leave to Pleasantview and are never again seen in SimCity.

As Dina Caliente, in chapter 20, she appears again with her "sister" Nina Caliente and husband, Michael Bachelor. When Dina and Nina are talking in the hot tub, Dina tells Nina about her marriage with Michael in Sim Vegas. She has an affair with Don Lothario, but she doesn't know that Don is dating Nina. Dina thinks she is a widow in chapter 22 when Michael Bachelor and Skip Broke's plane crashes very close to Sim Hawaii Island. She thinks that Michael has been killed, but he returns to his house with Dina in last chapter. He tells Dina that he and Skip parachuted moments before the plane crashed into the ocean. Sim Airlines pays Michael §1,000,000, and with the retirement of Chris's Counterfeiting Money case, they no longer need their disguise. Dina and Nina return to being Chris and Melissa Roomies and the three appear at Cassandra's wedding and Chris tells Michael that she is happy to be the same again.


The serie has 25 chapters:

Chapter Original Title English Title Summary
1 Uma nova geração! A new generation! All is quiet in the neighbourhood, until an earthquake occurs starting the new generation; "The Sims 2 era".
2 Mudanças à vista Moving in sight After the earthquake, will the Sims' lives changes? Can Chris Roomies take control of the world with her fake money, and can the Newbies adapt to their new life?
3 Malhação? Meshing? Two days have passed, and problems are about to begin for the Goths and the Roomies. Can Bob Newbie get a job opportunity in the office?
4 Um jantar romântico... A romantic dinner... After Bob gets promoted, it's time for him and Betty celebrate, and also to think about a family...
5 O que se passa? What happens? After a romantic night, Betty feels a baby coming to the world? And the Roomies have purchases a new mansion - can they live well there? Can they get Bella off their case?
6 Ai? Ai! Ouch? Ouch! Brandi has been born! The Newbies are now a real family, and Chris wants to start a party in her new mansion. Bella is invited; can the anger and hate makes Chris and Bella get out of control?
7 O aniversário de Cassandra Cassandra's Birthday Its Cassandra's birthday, her teen life starts today. All is well but the Roomies are wanted by the police. Can they escape?
8 Rejeição? Rejection? (The video is no longer available in YouTube.)
9 Paixões, Compras e Problemas... Passions, Shopping and Problems... The passion, Cassandra meets her new love, Don Lothario. The shopping, Mortimer wants to impress his wife Bella by buying clothes, a car and get a new haircut. The problem, Chris is arrested for counterfeiting money.
10 Prisão! Prison! Chris is in the jail, but her friend Melissa hires a lawyer to get her out: Michael Bachelor. Before he sees his client in jail, he goes to visit his sister, Bella, in her new and remodeled house. When Michael meets Chris, they fall in love.
11 O julgamento de Lilian The trial of Chris It's time for Chris's trial. Can she gets out of the jail?

Note: In this chapter we are going to see two special guest: Homer Simpson and Michael Jackson.

12 Enfim, sós? Finally, alone? After getting out of jail, Chris begins to celebrate with her boyfriend, but the police is chasing them. With the help of Michael, the Roomies change their faces and names. Chris Roomies is now Dina Caliente and Melissa Roomies is now Nina Caliente.
13 Algum tempo depois... Some time later... Some years have passed, and the Newbies now have a second story. Brandi grows into a child, starting school. Michael Bachelor and the "Caliente sisters" escape from SimCity to Pleasantview. Cassandra and Don are going to graduate high school, but first comes the graduation ball. Cassandra is getting ready for the ball by buying a beautiful dress and making a beautiful hairdo with Don.
14 O Baile... The ball... Its time for the ball. Don goes to Cassandra´s house to pick her up and head to the prom. Mary thought Cassandra was not coming to the ball because she was ugly and would be afraid of showing the public. At the ball however, Cassandra is more beautiful than Mary and she is with Don. Will there be problems during the ball?
15 Formatura Graduation After prom, graduation arrives. Cassandra has high grades in high school so she gives a speech, and graduates along with Don and her friends. Surprisingly, after a little discussion about which college to go, Don proposes marriage to Cassandra and she accepts. Sadly, Don and his family make an escape from SimCity and it is unknown to where they go. This is the first big lie that Don is to tell his new fiancée, Cassandra.
16 Uma Breanda adolecente A Brandi teenager Brandi grows up and is now a teenager. She goes to hang out with her friend Mary-Sue at a club where they meet Skip Broke and Daniel Pleasant. Brandi and Skip fall in love. Meanwhile, Cassandra receives a call from Sim University. On the first call she ignores the request to study in that college, but she decides that if she studies there, she will be reunited with Don, so she accept the request.
17 Vida de universitário... Life University
18 Paixão Perigosa? Dangerous Passion?
19 Tempo de Mudanças Time for moving
20 Eu aceito! I accept!
21 Eternamente... Forever...
22 A vida continua... Life goes on...
23 Abatidos mas unidos... Slaughtered, but united
24 Hora da verdade Moment of truth
25 O último Last

Differences between the official The Sims storyline and the Sim Generation storyline

  • There is a castle in the Sim Avenue 1 of Neighbourhood 1. In The Sims 1 there is any house in that lot and that castle is the same castle of Neighbourhood 2 in the same lot. (Chapter 1)
  • Cassandra Goth meets Don Lothario in the high school when they were teens, not in a book store when they were adults. (Chapter 8)
  • Chris Roomies was Michael Bachelor's first girlfriend. In The Sims 2, Michael's single girlfriend was Dina Caliente but, in Sim Generation Chris changes her appearance and name to Dina Caliente. (Chapter 10 and 12)
  • Chris and Melissa Roomies changes their names and appearance to Dina and Nina Caliente. In The Sims 2 this never happens. (Chapter 12)
  • Cassandra gets engaged to Don Lothario when she is a young adult, not when she is a adult. (Chapter 15)
  • Brandi Newbie meets Skip Broke when they are teens. In The Sims 2 they meet as adults. (Chapter 16)
  • The same goes for Mary-Sue Oldie and Daniel Pleasant. (Chapter 16)
  • Cassandra goes to university. In The Sims 2 there is no information that she has been go to the university. (Chapter 17)
  • Brandi gets impregnated by Skip when she is a teen. In The Sims 2 she is impregnated when she is an adult. (Chapter 18)
  • Bob and Betty Newbie died at the same time at Brandi's wedding. The Sims 2 tells that they died in their house from old age. (Chapter 20)
  • Michael never becomes older and never dies. In The Sims 2, he died of old age. (Chapter 25)

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Official Web Page of Sim Generation

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