Sam Knight is the brother of the well-known James. He had always felt left out of the family and was jealous of James' luck in life.

Life leading up to The Sims 2

Sam is deceased after he starved himself to death when his wife Vanessa divorced him after she realised he was trying to nick her money. He has two sons who are twins called Fernando and Rodrigo.

Life leading up to The Sims 3

Sam is living with his older brother and parents. He has no friends and finds life boring.

Sam Knight
Name Sam Knight
Gender Male
Life stage Adult
Aspiration Fortune

Parents Graham Knight (deceased), June Knight (deceased)
Sibling(s) James Knight
Spouse(s) Vanessa Hughes (divorced)
Child(ren) Fernando Knight, Rodrigo Knight

Neighborhood Foreign City
The Knight Family
Jim - Doris - Graham - June - Sam - James - Rob - Nick - Jake - Ruth - Donte - Katie - Ellie - Becky - Lucy - Jennifer - Rose - Steve - Annie

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