The ninth installment begins with with Daria pulling away after William kisses her. She laughs and tells him that whatever "love" she had for them dissepated when he refused to acknowledge the existence of their son, Ralph. Willaim tells her that she'll see and departs.Mae then goes to see Alicia and tells her that she and Escobar have divorced. Alicia supports Mae in her decision and tells her it will all be OK. Alicia then introduces Catherine to Mae. As Mae and Catherine engage in small talk, Alicia slips into her bedroom and attempts to call her brother-in-law but gets no answer. Catherine catches her trying to call Reggie but is saved from explaining what she was doing when Candi walks in crying from Hank's comments. Catherine and Alicia comfort Candi and mae leaves saying she needs to go see Escobar and talk about their situation. Winston then goes home to Halcoyn Hill and tells his father about Mona's outburst. William is happy until he also learns from Winston that he and Ralph have come to an understanding about their sibling-hood.

Ralph then goes to see Mona's new home and when he learns that she finally told Winston how she truly felt he comforts her. Mona mis interprets his kindness and kisses Ralph again. He pulls away at first and tells her that he wants to have a relationship with his brother. However, he succumbs to his desire and he and Mona make out. Escobar then welcomes Mae to his home, Lucia glares at mae and then leaves telling her son and Mae that she is going out to meet the man of her dreams. Mae and Escobar have a long conversation about their relationship and she tells Escobar that she loves him and that she wants to continue dating him. However, she is suprised when Escobar tells her that he thinks that maybe they aren't as solid as they used to be since they are divorced. Mae is shocked and tries to kiss Escobar but he pulls away and tells her it would be best if she were to leave. Mae tries to reason with Escobar only for him to start yelling and Mae leaves in a fuss.

The next day, Catherine arrives at Halcoyn Communications and turns on the charm for Winston. He soon asks her to have lunch with him, she accepts his date offer and leaves. Lucia then returns home and Escobar asks her where she was all evening. Lucia responds to her son that she has met a man who is wealthy and seems to like her. Escobar is elated for her mother but tells Lucia that she should be more careful about her "partners." It is revealed that Ralph and Mona also speant the night together. She tells Ralph that she and Winston will be divorcing. Ralph tells her that he is glad she'll be free and happy but they can't be together since her soon to be ex-husband is his half-brother. Mona then becomes emotional and tells Ralph to go. Mae spends the day with Agatha and runs into Daria. Daris tells her about Mona and Ralph. Mae is shocked but comforts Daria and tells her that she is a good mother and did the right thing. Daria then goes speechless when she looks over and sees William on a lunch date, with Lucia!

Winston and Catherine also have their own date. Catherine and Winston tell each other the stories of their marriages tragic downfalls. Alicia spots her sister on a date with Winston and learns he is the rich man she has met. Candi, meanwhile, tells Jasper about his father's behavior. Jasper apologizes for Hank's comments. He tells her that ever since the death of his wife, Jasper's mother, he has bee kind of a downer and spoil-sport. She accepts his apology and tells him about her aunt Catherine. They both agree she sounds like the ideal woman for Hank Centowski. Alicia then sees Daria and Mae and the three sit together in the park and have a long talk about their love lives. Daria then playfully hints to Alicia when Ted will propose. Alicia then becomes deeply conflicted by the joke and begins to question if she truly sees a future with Ted. She goes off to see him. Mae then invites Daria back to her home for coffee. Winston then invites Catherine to dinner on friday, she happily accepts his second date offer and kisses him on the cheek.

Alicia then goes to see Ted and asks him where he sees their relationship going. Ted tells Alicia that he does love her but since she was hurt by Escobar and her ex-husband he wanted to take things slow in their relationship but if she wants to he will marry her right now. Alicia laughs and thanks Ted for being patient, she tells him that she will marry him, someday just not now. Catherine then arrives home to Candi and jasper who tell her that she needs to go on a date with Hank. She then lies right to her niece and tells her that she is still in love with her uncle Reggie. Winston then arrives at Mona's and tells her he is giving her one last chance to come back if not, he has met someone else. Mona tells Winston she has also met someone. Daria, who was on her way home from Mae's, sees the whole event and sees the love in Winston and Mona's eyes. She then decides it's time to bring the other person to town to fix their relationship and stop William's reign of terror.

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