The sixth storyline opnes with Candi informing her mother, Alicia, that her relationship with both James and Jasper has ended, badly. Though Alicia is sorry to see her daughter so miserable and sad, she is happy on the inside that Candi has seen the error of her dark and manipulative ways. She then invites Candi to come on her date with Ted so the two can finally meet, she agrees. Escobar's answer to Mae's question is revealed when he finishes unpacking his stuff and they begin their happy life in love together, along with Agatha. They then recieve a suprise guest, when Escobar's deeply conservative mother, Lucia comes to town for a visit. She quickly makes her disdain for Escobar and Mae's relationship known. She tells her son that if he wants to date a widow that is noble but they should not be living in sin.

Lucia isn't the only person coming to town. Daria's son, Ralph, also arrives in town. Mona then asks Daria how will Ralph help her stabalize her marriage to Winston. Daria then tells her that he isn't here to help her. He's just here to pay his mother a visit. Mona then looks over at Daria, with a strange look. Isn't he one of the two people she helped escape William Halcoyn? Alicia then introduces Candi to Ted on their date. However, Candi's depressed behavior seems to only darken the date. Alicia tells Ted the whole situation which only make him want to get to know Candi more. Winston takes the day off and visits his mother's grave and tries to figure out what's wrong with his life. While there he meets a lovely woman named Catherine, who is visiting her deceased uncle. She proves to be a lovely distraction for Winston.

Mae tries again and again to win Lucia over, to no avail. Mae then breaks and yells at Lucia, asking her what would make her happy? She responds by telling Mae the only way she could accept her and Escobar's relationship would be if they were to get married. Escobar then appears willing where as Mae seems hesitant. As William is having a lonely power lunch he spots Daria talking to her son in the park and freaks out and the two share and awkward glare. Alicia apologizes for Candi's depression and Ted tells her it is all right by kissing her. He then tells her tha she has done a great job at raising Candi and should be proud of herself. Mona then spots Winston and Catherine talking in the cemetary and becomes emotional, she runs off to Daria, who tells her she has taken care of the problem and Winston will be back in her arms soon enough.

Mae tells Lucia that her husband had just died a few weeks ago and that she can't just re-marry so soon people might get the wrong idea. She then responds by telling Mae that people are going to think even worse of her by simply living with a man she was cheating with and not being married to him. Escobar then asks Mae if she would like to marry him? William then shows up at Daria's place and tells her her plan isn't going to work this time, he's going to tell Winston the truth but not about Mona, about Ralph. Daria then shows concern for Mona, who she promised she would reunite with her husband. James the shows up on the Cabot's doorstep and tells Candi he will give her one more chance to be with him. She slaps him and tells him that if he truly cares about her he'll make things right between her and Jasper.

Winston arrives home and tells William that he has ment a woman who seems to take his breath away the same way Mona used to (and still does). William then tells Winston to sit down as he has some news. He tells Winston that years ago he had an affair with Daria Grendel and together they produced a son, Ralph. William then lies further by telling Winston he wanted to have Ralph in his life but Daria forbade it and sent Ralph away. Winston then leaves telling his father he needs a lot of time to think. After a long day the last house lit in Sun-Crest Point is the McBride-Reyes home, the reason it is lit up is by Mae and Escobar's small wedding ceremony with Agatha and Lucia as their only guests. Escobar and Lucia appear elated where as Mae seems un-sure of her choice.

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