The fith installment begins with James picking on and beating Jasper up in hopes that he will scare him away from Candi, so he can have her. However, his whalings only lead Candi into Jasper's arms. Mona and Alicia begint o re-bond and make up for years of absent friendship. Alicia takes Mona to meet Mae, when they walk in on her and Escobar making out. Winston asks his father what he should do with Mona and Derwood. William tells Winston that he needs to gain custody of his son and cut Mona loose, it's the right thing to do... NOT!

Escobar leaves the ladies alone and Mona and Mae discover that Derwood and Agatha are the same age and go to the same school. Mae sympathizes with Mona and tells her that Winston actually sounds decent and that she is in love with him so she should try to get him back. Mona is encouraged by her new friends and enlists the aid of Daria to get her husband back. Alicia then has another date with her new beau, Ted. However, she has yet to intorduce him to her daughter Candi for fear it will scare him off.

Candi confronts James about his behavior towards Jasper and tells him that she i sorry for stringing him along but she can't help that she has fallen in love with Jasper. James then tells her that if he can't scare Jasper off he will tell him the truth that Candi was originally only using him. Mae then recieves a large check in the mail on Ed's life insurance policy. Mae is elated by the large sum of cash and buys a better home for her and Agatha. She then decides to invest in a make over and begins working out regularly.

Mona then has another meeting with Winston and tries to show him how evil William actually is. All he cares about is securing his legacy in this town. Winston begins to see the truth in Mona's accusations but believes that his father would never lie to him or try to scare off the mother of his grand-son. He deduces that Mona is still the liar his father is making her out to be and abruptly leaves their meeting yet again, causing Mona to break down in Daria's arms. After Mae loses her excess weight she endures a complete transformation. She cuts her hair, gets make up and even a new wardrobe.

James tells Jasper everything and realizes that his story is parallel to the way Candi acted in the past, meaning the story is true... she used him. He confronts Candi on the matter. She tearfully admits the truth but tells Jasper that she rejected James because she fell in love with him. None the less Jasper dumps Candi and leaves. Escobar's jaw drops at the sight of a transformed Mae, she then asks him to move in with her and Agatha. Mona then asks Daria what they should do next. Daria then tells Mona she has helped two people escape the grasp of William Halcoyn and it's time for one of them to re-surface, for the sake of Mona's marriage. She is then seen placing a phone call.

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