The fourth installment begins with Alicia talking to Daria about Ed's death. She is then shocked to learn that Mona is staying with Daria. Daria then forced the two to confront their past and make up. Though they are hesitant Mona admits she was awful towards Alicia at the end of their friendship, when she needed her due to her husband leaving her as a single mother. Alicia accepts Mona's apology and they mend fences. Candi then recieves great news at school when James tells her that Natasha father got a job out of town and is moving away. He told her that there was no way they could make it work long distance and as a result their relationship has ended. Candi is elated but fears Jasper's reaction to her dumping him.

Winston's potential and work ethic increase drastically without Mona in his life to William's happiness. However, winston begins to miss his son and wife very much. He tells his father his feelings, William tell Winston that when he met Mona she was just a spa receptionist who was looking for a way out of her poor life. Winston becomes angry with his father and tells him that he does love Mona and that he is going to call her. William tell him it will be a mistake and next think Winston knows he will end up being a Jr. VP for the rest of his life. Winsotn then leaves his father to think. Mae and Escobar then embark upon an official romance. Neighbors then begin to question Mae's motives as Ed just died, shouldn't she be greaving?

Alicia then recieves an offer to meet with a book club at the local book store and read them some of her lates novel, "Drastic Desire". When she attends the event she quickly notices the book club moderator, Ted Swirl. he asks her to come back next week for another reading of another one of her earlier books. She agrees, but because she is proud of her literature or beacause of Ted? Mona then cathces Daria on the phne having a strange discussion about the Halcoyn family. She questions Daria but she tells her she was simply trying to sell her stock in Halcoyn Communications. Winston then calls MOna and asks her to meet him for dinner at the Beauchamp Bistro, she agrees. Candi then has a one on one meeting with Jasper but for some reason can not dump him, which angers James.

Mae's house is then vandalized as a result of her relationship with Escobar so shortly after Ed;s death. Escobar defends their love but the neighbors view this as disgusting and down right vile. Mona then meets with Winston and before he can even say anything Mona tells him that she loves him and always will but if he contonues to be submissive under his father's rule then she doesn't know how their marriage can work. She then gives him an ultimatum her or his father. Winston then realizes that William was right (or he thinks), Mona is trying to make him decide between her or his future at the company. Their dinner ends abruptly with Winston leaving and saying he will stop by to pick up Derwood tomorrow.

Alicia returns to the book club and reads one of her earlier novels. Afterwards Ted garners the courage to ask he out. Alicia accepts the offer. Mona then tells Daria about her meeting with Winston. This prompts Daria to make a visit ti William and tells him that everyone he touches he hurts and that sooner or later his sins wil catch up to him. Could Daria be threatening William... but in what way? When James and Candi are making out one afternoon, it appears as if Candi is distracted and James asks for an explanation. She then comes to realization. She can't dump Jasper because she has fallen in love with him! She tells James that their "relationship" was a simply infatuation and that she loves Jasper. She then leaves him to go see Jasper, James then vows revenge.

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