The third installment begins with Alicia walking in on Mae and Escobar kissing. She is in awe at the sight and runs out the door. Her jealousy and need to be loved overrides her ability to reason and she goes to tell Ed about the kiss and affair while he is at work. Mae then tells escobar he needs to go after Alicia. She is the shocked when he tells her that he only likes Alicia as a friend but, that he has fallen in love with her. Mae then tells Escobar he needs to leave so she can sort her feelings and thoughts out. He then leaves her. Candi then puts her plan to win James in effect and suceeds. One day he forcefully pulls Candi aside and passionately kisses her. He then tells her that though he likes her they can still never be together. This just further maddens Candi, she then proceeds to make out with Jasper right in front of Natasha and James.

Mona becomes upset and afraid that she is losing her husband as William transforms Winston into the same heartless and cold begin that he, himself is. She becomes even more upset when she realizes that since she married into the Halcoyn family, all of her real friends have been replaced with Sun-Crest Point's fake and fiscal elite. William then continues to poison Winston against Mona and tells him that though he "thinks" of Mona as his own daughter, she is trying to hold him back from being great. Ed then arrives home to confront Mae. Their bitter argument turns violent. However, just as Ed goes to punch Mae, he is ignited from standing too close to their lit fireplace. He begs and screams for Mae to extinguish and save him. Mae does the opposite and simply watches as her husband burns and dies, which seems to put a smile on her face.

Candi then begins to feel guilty for stringing Jasper along when he tells her that she was his first kiss and that she has been the only ray of light in his life since the death of his mother. After hearing of Ed's death Alicia begins to feel guilty and goes to see Daria who tells her that Ed was an awful man and that the only one who caused his death was in fact, himself. Alicia then goes to console and talk to Mae. Alicia is shocked upon her arrival when she sees Mae instead of greaving, but with Escobar having a happy lunch with Agatha. Alicia tries to tell Mae that she told Ed about their kiss but Mae continues to interupt her and tells her how now she and Agatha are free and safe. Alicia then leaves but she then begins to suspect that she didn't cause Ed's death... maybe Escobar and Mae killed Ed so they could be together?

Daria then sees Mona in the park that afternoon and notices that she is upset. They formally intoduce themselves and Mona opens up to Daria. They have a lengthy conversation with Daria telling Mona that she can either try to save her marriage with Winston or leave if she feels he will not change. That evening when Winston arrives home from work he is alarmed when Mona and Derwood are not home, as well as none of their belongings. William tells Winston that Mona took Derwood and moved out saying she needed "space." Winston tries to go after Mona, but William stops him and tells Winston that now he could have everything a man could wish for, with no one standing in his way. Winston then relents and stays home. Daria allows Mona and Derwood to stay with her while they get their bearings.

Candi then decides to no longer toy with Jasper's emotions and goes to break up with him, but she then sees James and Natasha making out. She then pulls Jasper in for kiss, so James can see making him even more jealous and wanting Candi even more. A funeral is then held for Ed, few people attend. Afterwards the luncheon for his funeral appears to be more of a party. Mae then tells her friends that she is taking her maiden name back and will go by Mae McBride. Escobar then arrives and Mae invites him for some cake. William learns that Mona and Derwood are staying with Daria and he confronts her about it. He demands that she throw Mona and Derwood out, so they will leave town or else. Daria then tells him or else what? He'll blow their secret? He would never do that. The question is what secret are Daria and William keeping?

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