The twelfth installment begins with Ralph constantly recieving calls from Lucia and her asking him out. Ralph speaks to his mother about it. Though Daria thinks that Lucia is just lonely she tells him that love knows no bounds and that maybe he and Lucia are made for each other. She then asks Ralph if he is still hung up over his ex-fiancee. He denies it and tells his mother that he has moved on, just as a bubble of Mona appears above his head. Mae is devestated that Escobar has dumped her and she begins to mope around her home. However, Hank arrives and talks to her and attempts to console her. Hank appears happy that Mae is now single but does his best to hide it so she won't get the wrong idea about him. Alicia continues to probe Catherine's return and goes to the police. She enlists the help of detective Cassidy Free, in her sister's case. She tells her she will look into it and keep it on the down low. Alicia then goes to meet Ted for brunch. Catherine in the meantime takes no time to get a full tour of Halcoyn Hill by new sugar-daddy, William.

Escobar does his best to get over Mae but finds it extremely difficult. He then begins to paint on a canvas friviously and for hours. Afterwards he produces a work of art that his mother deems Picaso-worthy. Escobar then has a breakthrough and quits his job as a lowly gardener and tells his mother he is becoming a painter. Lucia trys to express her concerns over Escobar's new career choice but is too blinded by love for Ralph. She continues to pester him until he arrives on the Reyes' doorstep and tells Lucia that he will go out with her on one date, just to see what happens. She then tells him to keep it down as she hasn't told Escobar of their romance. Winston and Mona are happy and in love and they take Derwood to the park where they remind each other of their romance as teenagers. While on the tour Catherine and Will run into Rosanna who tries to brush them off only for William to call her an old bag of bones. Rosanna takes Will's hurtful comments in stride knowing that deep down she finally struck a chord in him.

Candi and Jasper revel in the fact that now Hank and Mae will soon gravitate together. However, Candi begins to wonder if they did the right thing. She tells Jasper that after Escobar dumped her mother he told her that he knew Mae was the one for him, what if Mae just whinds up breaking Hank's heart. Jasper re-assures her that Hank is too good of a man for Mae to leave. On her way home from her personal tour of Halcoyn Hill, Cathy spots someone who looks an awful lot like her gay ex-husband, oh wait it is him! She sees Reggie go into Ted's house and knows that her dear sister is still poking around in her past. Catherine is then seen visibly fretting about what to do. Daria stops by to see Mae and finds Hank trying to console her. Daria, unlike Mae, can tell that Hank is clearly attracted to Mae but knows that Escobar is Mae's true love. She suggests that Hank leave so they can have some girl time, which he agrees to do. Daria then asks for Mae to re-tell the break-up story to her, which Mae does. Afterwards Daria suggests that Mae swear off dating until she is over her husband drama, Mae agrees.

Alicia and Ted take a walk after brunch and Alicia nearly faints when she sees John Cannery, her ex-husband, walking the streets. He approaches the duo and tries to talk to Alicia but she becomes angry at the sight of him and asks for Ted to take her home. Ted does and asks if there is anything he can do to ensure Alicia will be all right. Alicia tells her beloved Ted to just make sure Reggie remains hiding. Candi then asks her mother what's wrong and is shocked when she learns that her long absent father has returned. Ralph then spots Winston, Mona and Derwood in the park as he approaches. They spend some family time together and Winston remarks about how he and Mona are all about honesty now. Ralph and Mona then shre a look as Winston still doesn't know that they slept together. Catherine then runs back to Halcoyn Hill and tells William that she "loves" him. William then realizes that Catherine would be the perfect revenge for Rosanna and asks her to marry him. Cathy smirks and quickly answers with a yes. Rosanna witnesses the proposal and is clearly upset.

As the evening descends upon the town Ralph picks Lucia up for their date and they actually enjoy themselves. Lucia asks Ralph if there is any chance for a second date and though he clearly has feelings for his sister-in-law, he tells her that they should have lunch on tuesday. Escobar continues painting, but recieves a visit from Daria who tells him that she has gotten Mae calmed down and to leave love alone for a while. She tells Escobar that this window will allow both of them to sort their feelings out but if he continues to rip her heart out she will make sure that he has whats coming to him. Catherine informs Alicia of her engagement which Alicia sees as part of Cathy's secret and twisted plot, but what? John then arrives on the Cabot's porch and tells Alicia that he wants to try again. Alicia shuts the door on his face. Just then detective Free calls, she knows Catherine's story!

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