The morning after Derwood's party and Rosanna's epic return, Alicia goes to Ted's but not to see her beau, to see Reggie. She asks him if he really did cheat on her sister and with a man. Reggie admits that he is gay and when he married Catherine he was confused. He proclaims he didn't mean to hurt her but didn't know how to tell a woman who was deeply in love with him that he was actually gay. Alicia asks Reggie what Catherine has been doing since their divorce. Reggie then informs her that he had heard she re-married but says that it must have been a runor seeing as she came to town alone and still maintains Andrews as her surname. Lucia tells Escobar that she called her romance with William off after hearing his now living ex-wife, Rosanna, expose him for who he really is. Escobar tells his mother that he is sorry and they hug, then there is a knock at the door. Escobar and it is Candi and Jasper who tell Mr. Reyes that they have something to tell him, something about Mae.

Daria allows Rosanna to stay with her and Ralph in the Grendel home. She is most gracious and explains that while she was away she became quite the gardner and is thinking about starting a produce business here in Sun-Crest Point. Ralph throws himself into work at the cemetery and gets a promotion to overseer of the dead. He's happy that Mona and Winston are back together but feels bad that Winston doesn't know that Mona and Ralph actually slept together. At Halcoyn Hill, Mona moves back in and Winston tells William to stick to his wing of the manor. They are now a some-what happy family reunited. William is clearly shocked and in awe that the woman who he actually loved with his cold heart, betrayed him and couldn't even stand him that she had to fake her own death. Though he is glad that his Rosanna is alive he begins to set his mind on revenge. Mae then gets a call from Hank who asks her to escort him to a PTA meeting. She hesitates at the offer fearing it might be seen as a parental date but agrees.... for the children.

Catherine begins to act strangely and see's Alicia coming out of Ted's home, she goes to asks her how she discovered her divorce from Reggie. Alicia covers by saying that she simply went to City Hall, but Cathy doesn't believe her. She realizes that Alicia is diggin but she tells her that after her divorce she was hurt, badly, and now all she is trying to do is find a meaning for life after love. Alicia promises to stop investigating, but is Catherine really telling the truth. Candi and Jasper then tell Escobar that Ms. McBride was having coffee alone with jasper's father Hank, yesterday. Escobar thanks the kids and escorts them to the door. He then loses it after they leaves and tells Lucia, who can't help but say "I told you so!" He then leaves to go see Mae. Rosanna arrives at Halcoyn Hill to apologize for lying to her son and missing so much of her son and grand-son's lives. She is introduced to Mona and Derwood. Winston admits he is hurting but says he now understands why she had to do what she did. Really?

William then wanders the streets of the town he once ruled like a king and drowns his sorrows. He runs into Catherine who tells him that she is hurting as well since Winston and Mona got back together. William then offers to buy Catherine dinner and she accepts. Ralph also arrives at Halcoyn Hill to celebrate his brother and sister-in-law's reconciliation. He and Mona share an awkward glance but move on. Winston then offer's for Rosanna to move back in at Halcoyn Hill, after all it is her home as well. She thinks it over and agrees, after all it would piss Will off. Escobar arrives at mae's just after Hank arrives to pick her up for their PTA meeting. Escobar flies into a vigorous rage and yells at Mae asking her if he was the reason she wanted a divorce. Mae tries to explain that she and Hank are onyl friends, Escobar refuses to have any of it and tells Mae that their relationship is over and that he is sorry he ever fell in love with her. Hank tries to concole Mae, she then asks him to leave and he complys.

Alicia tries to supress her PI side but can't help but feel that her sister is keeping something big from her. Could she be married? Does she have a kid? Did she do something awful? Ted then arrives at the Cabot home and tells Alicia that Catherine's problems are her own and not Alicia's. He tells her that he doesn't want their relationship to suffer because of Cathy. Alicia promises she won't allow it and kisses Ted. After William buys Catherine dinner he asks her if this was a date and she kisses him. Wasn't she just dating his son, yesterday? Somethings up! When William arrives back home he discovers that Rosanna is living there again and makes his opposition known, only to have it fall on deaf ears. Ralph is then introduced to Lucia when she arrives at the cemetery to pat her respects to her late husband, Ricardo. Despite a definite age in-difference LUcia can't help but make goo goo eyes at Ralph! Candi then returns home to learn that Escobar and Mae broke up, her plan worked, but at what cost?

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