Rosanna Halcoyn
The Revaling Rosanna








Rosanna Welsh (maiden name)
Rosanna Halcoyn (first/second married name)


William Halcoyn (ex-husband)
William Halcoyn (ex-husband)


Arnold Werner (boyfriend)
Sebastian Fowl (one-night-stand)


Winston Halcoyn (son)


Derwood Halcoyn (grand-son)
DeDe Halcoyn (grand-daughter)
Mary Ann Werner (daughter-in-law)

Cause for Departure

Death by Mood Failure. (1st Time)
Appeared as a Spirit. (2nd Time)


Rosanna Halcoyn (nee Welsh) is a sim in the fictional town of Sun-Crest Point.


In the beginning Rosanna is said to have died. She was married to thw town's "overlord" William Halcoyn. Together they had one child, a son named Winston Halcoyn. It was said that whatever emotion that resided within William's cold heart dissolved when Rosanna died. After her death, William's transformation from a human being to a villain was complete. However, it is later proven that Rosanna was not dead and in fact, alive. When Rosanna was young she met Will who was humble and ambitious. They quickly fell in love and married. They had a son and became a family. But as William built his empire now known as Halcoyn Communications, she bagan to notice his decent into evil. Rosanna revealed that she knew that William had cheated on her years ago with Daria Grendel and that Ralph Grendel was William's son. Instead of getting angry Rosanna felt sorry for Daria as she fell for the madman, just as Rosanna did only to have him crush her as well. Sometime later, Rosanna could no longer stand being associated with William but knew that if he simply divorced him, he would ensure that she never have a moment's rest. She asked Daria to help her fake her death so she could be done with William, although it also cost her relationship with her son. Daria helped Rosanna fake her death and she went into hiding and had a peaceful existence except for being away from Winston. Eventually Daria called upon Rosanna to return to life in Sun-Crest Point. She along with Daris snuck into her grand-son's, Derwood's, birthday party where she reveals that she is alive and then re-tells her story and exposes William for who he truly is and that he has been lying to Winston about Mona. The crowd is shocked, but Winston and Mona are reunited. William is then left crushed and alone, finally beaten.

Rosanna then makes ammends with Winston and is invited to move back into Halcoyn Hill as it is her home as well. Will makes his opposition to thins known, but it falls on deaf ears as Winston tells his father he is done with him. However, it is clear that Will is plotting revenge against the one woman he once loved dearly. He inacts his revenge by dating and almost marrying Catherine Andrews. However, Alicia Cabot stops Catherine and William's wedding from happening. Rosanna is then revealed to be an old-friend of Lucia Reyes and during a discussion Lucia gets Rosanna to finally admit that she loves William still and sees hope that she can get the old William back. However, William and Daria begin dating again and Rosanna withholds from telling him how she truly feels. Once again though it is revealed that William was using Daria to get back at Catherine for almost conning him out of his millions which leads to the end of their relationship. Upon the birth of their second grand-child, DeDe, Rosanna sees William as he looks at the baby, so humble and she kisses him and reciprocates. The two then disappear for a while and the following day they shock Winston with the news that they have married, where as Winston and Mona's divorce was just finalized. However, their second marriage is short lived when Rosanna realized that William fathered yet another child by his assistant, Lila Kincaid, a daughter named Marylin.

Rosanna then divorces William again and it is revealed that Rosanna is the editor-in-chief of the local news station. She instantly becomes infatuated with a job applicant, Arnold Werner. She hires him on the spot and gives him the position of Lead Reporter. She then orchestrates and impromptu date with him. On their "canceled client dinner" Karen Collins openly flirts with Arnold, to Rosanna's dismay. Arnild then tells Rosanna that he is more into her and that her age doesn't matter and they share a kiss and begin to date openly. Eventually Winston discovers their relationship and is disgusted by Rosanna tells him that she is actually happy and with a man who respects her. Winston promises to come around. When William dies Rosanna travels with Arnold to Halcoyn Hill for the reading of the will. She is in utter dismay when William has left everything to Lila, who he married right before his death and left to position of Power Broker to Ralph instead of Winston. And Ralph only holds the job until Marylin is old enought to take over. Rosanna and Winston try to talk Ralph into givign the job to Winston but he doesn't which infuriates Rosanna, causing her to have a fight with Arnold who wanrs her to watch her mood with her anger and age, she tells him to leave and he does so. When he returns only hours later he discovers her dead from mood failure and remakring that even in death William took Rosanna.


Rosanna's spirit, as well as William's, visit Winston when he is torn about his marriage to Tanya Rockford. Rosanna reveals that she has always known Winston and Mona belonged together, ever since they were teenagers. She states that Mona loves him, regardless and, unless he he wants to be just like William, he needs to realize what kind of fool he is being. Her spirit then disappears.

The Sun Also Rises

In the mini-series, spin-off, Rosanna is on her first marriage to William and, is raising a teenage Winston. Rosanna is known as the town's "Queen" due to her high socialite status but, she retains a close friendship, with Daria and, Lucia, as well as a distant friendship with Franny. Though hopelessly in love with William, Rosanna has recently begun to realize that her husband has been changing and, for the worse. When he hires a young assistant named Lila Kincaid, Rosanna become worried William will leave her, with nothing. She then comes to the conclusions that William's change from the happy go lucky man she married to the tyrannical businessman is because of the legacy William's father, Charles Halcoyn has left for his son.

While Charles is slowly dying from his old age, Rosanna pleads with her father-in-law to save Will from becoming a horrible person, like him. However, Charles refuses to help Rosanna, thinking Will is becoming a "man." Rosanna also tries to deal with her son, falling in love with Mona Radish. Rosanna then meets a man named Sebastian Fowl, a penniless artist whom Rosanna runs into by pure chance on a relief walk after an argument with William. After a very long talk, Rosanna and, Sebastian spend a night together. After their romp, Sebastian proffers an invitation for Rosanna to run off with him. Rosanna gives the chance serious thought but, ultimately ends things with Sebastian.

However, Rosanna does enlist the aid of Daria to help her with something, fake her death. Daria is resistant at first but, Rosanna reveals that she has known all along that Ralph is the biological son of William and, Daria's affair from long ago. Seeing, how desperate Rosanna is, Daria, with he help of Tess Cannery manage to make it as though Rosanna was very sick and, died quickly. As Rosanna is ushered out of town, she asks Daria to watch over Winston for her.

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