Rosalyn "Roz" Quarren is a sim in the town of Pineview. She doesn't appear until The Next Generation storylines. She is the daughter of Blanche Quarren. Her father's name is never revealed. When TNG storylines begin Blanche has been gone from PIneview for the past 5 years. She returns pregnant with Roz. Roz is born during her aunt Dororthy's wedding to her unlce Devlin. She is only a toddlar when her mother begins to date, Ernest Shell. She is present when Ernest and Blanche marry. Her step-father treats Roz as his own and can be seen feeding and taking care fo her. When Roz ages into a child she is seen playing with her many cousins. Roz returns for her cosuin, Martin's, commitment ceremony with her mother. It is revealed that she now has a half-sister, Olympia...

Generation 03

Shortly after the stories resume Rosalyn returns to Pineview, without her mother, half-sister, and step-father. It is hinted that she has a hidden agenda, forming the next story arc. She meets her uncle, Zed Quarren for the first time. She lives with Dorothy, Devlin and Norris. She is now a teenager. And seems to have a strong interest in Edgar Gwill. When Esme confronts Roz bout her relationship with Edgar, Roz informs her that she has no romantic interest in Edgar, she then informs her that Edgar is indeed her father, the one her mother never told her about. Esme is then relieved but she chooses to stop seeing Edgar.

When Edgar almost marries, Olga Serd Roz appears as the ceremony is about to begin, explains it all to his father and he calls the wedding off. When her father falls in love and marries Betty Peterson Rosalyn is all for it and after the wedding moves in with her father and new step-mother. She is then super excited when they adopt Ansley, her new brother. When Edgar, Betty and Ansley decide to move away Roz is at first upset, but later accepts their decision.

After her father, brother and step-mother move away she is set to move back in with her aunt and uncle. However, as she is about to move her step-father and half-sister, Ernest and Olympia arrive in Pineview and infrom Rosalyn that Blanche has died. Ernest then asks her to come live with him and Olympia, she accepts the offer.

Eventually Ernest passes away from olg age, leaving Roz to care for her sister, Olympia. This complicates her life, as she begins dating, Talmidge Abbot.

Rosalyn Quarren
Name Rosalyn Quarren
Gender Female
Life stage Young Adult
Sign Cancer

Parents Jed Quarren (grand-father; deceased)
Joanna Quarren (mother; deceased)
Harvey Quarren (uncle)
Dorothy Wilt (aunt)
Zed Quarren (uncle)
Edgar Gwill (father)
Blanche Shell (mother; deceased)
Ernest Shell (step-father; deceased)
Betty Gwill (step-mother)
Sibling(s) Martin Quarren (cousin)
Muriel Quarren (cousin)
Norris Wilt (cousin)
Zelda Quarren (cousin)
Ulvar Wilt (cousin)
Olympia Shell (half-sister)
Ansley Gwill (adoptive half-brother)
Annie Quarren (cousin)

Neighborhood Pineview

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