Rodney Smith

Rodney Smith is a Sim created by Zmario. 
He is currently an retired Elder from the military career track. 
His original wife, Virgina Smith, died from unknown causes. 
Before his wife's death, Rodney and Virgina had a baby girl named Petunia. 
Rodney soon got remarried to Jan Tellerman, a local townie who works in the same career as Rodney. 
Rodney got married on his last day of being an adult.


Cooking: 5

Mechanical: 4

Body: 7

Logic: 4

Creativity: 6

Cleaning: 3

Charisma: 20


Dr Ross Geller/Aaron Tang/Ossie Madison/

Job Artist model


loves his many posters including Barbie Usher


Rodney Smith
Name Rodney Smith
Gender Male
Life State Human
Life stage Elder
Aspiration Knowledge
Sign Aquarius

Parents None
Sibling(s) None
Spouse(s) Virgina Smith (deceased), Jan Tellerman
Child(ren) Petunia Tellerman

Neighborhood Pleasantview

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