The Series Finale opens with Paris coming by to see Anca, she and Geronte as well as Vera are on good terms. Penelope and Anca have formed a sisterly bond. Regan then fed up with Gal's games confronts her one final time. He tells her either she loves him or not and he then places the option of a divorce on the table. Gal, finally giving in, runs into Regan's arms and they kiss, finally making up. They then take their twin daughters out for a walk and tell their families that they have reconciled. Adia and Harlon's romance hits a peek when Harlon asks Adia to marry him. Though she hesitates at first it's a no-brainer and she accepts the proposal. She then decides to change Georgia's name from Telfair to DuBois.

Alton and Neve then tell Charis they have a suprise for her and to come to their house. Charis complys and upon arrivla she is elated to see Rudy and her estranged daughter, Athina. She runs and hugs her daughter. She thanks Alton and Neve and she asks if she can speak to Rudy. They take a walk and talk. To Charis's shock Rudy has not re-married and the reason he was so mad and against seeing Charis after all these years was because he never stopped loving her for a second. Charis then admits that Rudy has been the only husband of hers that she has actually loved with her whole heart. He apologizes for keeping Athina away from her for so long. Chairs accepts and tells him how she has changed, Rudy then pulls her in to a kiss.

Reed and Pru then discover that they are going to have a second child! Alton and Neve then throw a party for Roeper and Cain as they age into young adults. Roeper then moves into the beach house as promised with Iris moving in with him as she ages. Penelope also ages and tells her mother and step-father that she will be looking for her own place as well.Then fast forward to a week later at yet another Ribbon Heights wedding, not Adia and Harlon but, Charis and Rudy. Guy and Karina return for the event. All the adults then age into elders (Alton, Neve, Charis, Rudy, Vera and Geronte). All the young adults then age into adults (Regan, Reed, Gal, Pru, Adia and Harlon).

25 Years Later

The final glimpse of the future fast forwards 25 years later. Wendy, Floyd and Gillian have passed away. Alton and Neve are coming to the end of their lives and spend their days watching their grand-children. They have two by Roeper and Iris, who have married, by the names of Adele and Rutger. They have one by Maxine who has married to Walden, by the name of Leland. Reed and Pru share Leland as a grand-son with Neve and Alton. Their other child, their other son Wally is married to his life partner Kevin Drury. They have no children. Marlo married Chet Onassiser and they have two children: Uriah and Ursula. Regan and Gal are still married and have raised their daughter. Harmony is single but successful, Melody is a single mother (via widow-hood) of her daughter, Patience. Janis raised Norman on her own and he married to a woman named Frida they had a a son, Frederico and daughter, Costanza.

Adia and Harlon eventually married and finished raising Georgia who was married to a man, Sage Call, they had a son Vance and she has since re-married to a man named Axel Redder. Vera and Geronte remained happily married and raising Anca together. Penelope wound up marrying Cain and they had three sons, Hayden, Herbert and Hiram. Terry and Cari remain married but have no kids. Eleanora is married to a man named Yorick Shake, she has a step-daughter by him named Velma. Myra never married but adopted a son, Ian. Charis and Rudy are still married (her longest marriage). Athina married to Alvaro Neto and they had a daughter named Miranda. Billie and Carton remained married and Vanessa came out as a lesbian and lives with her partner Olive Det. They have a daughter, Remy. Rupert and Marnie have passed on. Tricia never re-married after the Pierre accident and Tabitha was twice widowed with no children.

The Ribbon Heights storyline closes with a period of complete and utter happiness in the lives of it's inhabitants, as their deceased ancestors and friends look on also in happiness.

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