Part four begins with the ruling in the Paris/Geronte custody case coming in. Custody of Anca is awarded to Geronte. Paris runs out devestated at the ruling. Vera is elated at the news and is happy for her husband. Pru is also happy for her brother and niece. Geronte then looks over at Reed who is happy, but shoots him an odd glare. Geronte then realizes what he must do he goes after Paris and they talk. He knows that she is Anca's mother and forgives her form keeping her from him. He then tells her that he will agree to joint custody as long as Paris won't take Anca away from him. She agrees. Vera and Pru are confused but Reed looks on happily as Geronte finally does the right thing.

Carlton and Billie quickly buy back their old house and move in and get Vanessa settled in as well. Cain then moves from Neve and Alton's in with Carlton and Billie and his new niece. Neve and Alton are then clearly up to something as they get Charis's suprise in place. Carlton then runs into Charis on the street and she is happy to see him. Carlton is shocked as the last time he saw Charis she was the cold, villainess and power-hungry Mayor of Ribbon Heights. None then less they catch up and become friends. Regan suprises Gal with a romantic dinner. Though she feels well... romanced she declines the offer, still holding the affair over Reagn's head.

Adia and Harlon pick up where they left off and quickly fall back in love. However, Harlon's past catches up with him and the press continues to run articles about his dealing with a then heartless Charis. Adia fends them off and tells Harlon that if she can forgive him, so can the town. Roeper and Iris enter in a relationship. Penelope is hurt at first but gets over it as there are plenty of fish in the sea. Alton then runs into Marlo... on a date... with Chet! He has moved to Ribbon Heights and they have begun seeing each other. Alton gives them his blessing and meets up with Neve where they share a romantic walk in the park. Floyd and Wendy then meet up at the cemetery along with Gillian as they visit their fallen friends and realize there time is up.

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