Part three begins with Charis, Floyd, Gillian and Iris taking Ida's remains and bringing them to the science lab. Before they can give the remains to the scientist, Janis shows up, with Norman in hand. She tells them that she loved Ida just as much as they did. However, she tells her that ida would hate to see everyone so upset and desperate like this. She also says that Ida would hate being a ghost. Gillian then says that Ida would feel bad like she was trapping Janis. Charis says she only wanted to do something nice for them family. Floyd and Gillian thank Charus and make peace. They then place Ida's remains back in the cemetery where she was initially laid to rest.

Alton and Neve begin working... and calling on their plan to cheer Charis up, especially after her plan to bring Ida back failed. Roeper and Iris then become closer as they are forced to work on a project at school together. Eventually Roeper admits that he has developed feelings for Iris as well and they kiss... again. Legal proceedings begin in the Paris/Geronte case. Though Paris make accurate and astute accusations, she cheated Geronte out of his daughter's young years. When it comes time for Reed to testify, he sees Pru's eyes begin to water. He is asked if Geronte and Vera's wedding is a sham for custody. Reed admits it was rushed but that he and Vera are madly in love with each other.

Gal allows Regan to stay on the couch so he can be near the girls and help her take care fo him. However, the close quarters allow Regan and Gal to bond and just as they seem like they are about to kiss over breakfast, the girls begin to cry. Harlon then makes a bold move and asks Adia out on a date. To his shock she happily accepts. Then two familiar faces and a new one show up in Ribbon Heights, Carlton and Billie... along with their toddlar aged daughter, Vanessa. They tell their friends that Billie job was great but she is being transfered back to Ribbon Heights and that it is their true home. She informs her friends that Beck fell in love while visiting them and re-married to a woman named, Gigi. Terry and Cari are well as are Guy and Karina.

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