Part two begins with Floyd noticing that Charis has been spending a lot of time at Ida's grave. He questions her motives and she comes clean to Floyd and asks for his forgiveness for ruining his stint as Mayor years ago. Now seeing the truth in Charis's eyes he accepts her appology. Alton and Neve now pick up where they left off and are once again a happy family. Paris confronts Vera, calling her a manipulative bitch and trying to keep her daughter away from her, like she did do Geronte and like Al did to Vera? Vera shoots back that Geronte is a fit parents and that she herself cares for Anca like her own daughter. Paris tells her that she will get Anca back.

Regan becomes deeply depressed as Gal shuts him out. When Marlo comes over to talk to Gal, Gal gets nasty... prompting her to go into labor. Though she doesn't want Marlo's help, she none the less helps Gal to the hospital where Gal gives birth to twin girls: Harmony and Melody. Regan arrives and though Gal is angry to see him she allows him to see his newborn daughters. When she sees the look in his eyes as he holds the girls she realizes he is sorry, but can't bring herself to let him back into her life. She and Marlo make up though. Adia allows Harlon to meet Georgia. Though she swore Harlon out of her life, she begins to fall for him again. Pru is alarmed when Reed tells her that he intends to tell the cops the truth if they question him about Vera and Geronte's marriage.

Charis then begins to spend a lot more time with the Rebuff family. They welcome her in as a sort of surrogate daughter. Neve then notices Charis's sadness and understands that Alton is her friend as is she and that she understands why he helped her. She then begins to form a plan to help Charis's life get back on track and plots with Alton. Gal then recieves word that Terry and Cari have married. Regan then begins to do everything he can to win Gal back. Though onn the inside she is falling for him all over again, she holds firm and keeps him out of her life. Charis then comes to a realization. She can bring Ida back! All they have to do is take her remains to the science building, and revive her.

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