The finale begins with Geronte and Vera on a date and everything going well. The evening goes smoothly and ends with a kiss. Neve learns that Alton has contonued to see Wilhelmina and look into Chip's history. This angers her to a stand still. roeper finally makes a decision as to which he girl he wants; neither. He breaks up with Penelope and tells Iris as of right now all he wants to be is friends. Iris is heart broken and visits Ida's grave seeking solace and sees her ghost. Adia then learns of Ida's death and she too is utterly shcoked and saddened. Gal is eccstatic over the pregnancy, which just guilts Regan more and more. Adia then learns that Marlo is a nanny and hires her to watch Georgia while she is working.

Whith Wilhelmina finally talking and telling the truth, Alton runs to tell Charis before she and Chip leave for their ill-fated honeymoon. He catches her just in time. He then reveals to Charis that Chip is a killer and was responsible for the deaths of his previous wives except for Wilhelmina who is still alive. He goes for wealthy women and kills them on their honeymoons, Wilhelmina managed to fight back and survive. When questioned though Chip said that it was she who attacked him, sending her to jail. Chip and Alton then engage in a fight, Alton wins. Chip is then taken away and Wilhelmina is released from jail. Charis divorces Chip, but his heart broken over his betrayal.

Vera then learns from Reed that Beck has left town, following his mother;s death to see his sister, Billie and her family. She then invites Geronte and Anca to come live with her and Penelope at the upper penisula. They accept and Pru is happy as the house isn't as crowded. Then a mysterious woman arrives in town: Paris. She is clearly looking for someone and is intent on revenge. Alton then arrives home to find that Neve has left with Cain, Roeper and Maxine and is living in a small house on the beach. Regan and Gal are then baby shopping and she buys a pregnancy book and is overjoyed she begins to cry (tears of joy). Not being able to take the guilt any longer Regan turns to her and confesses everything.

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