Part nine opens with the funeral service of Paula Lillian Onassiser Charles. Regan withheld from telling Gal as a result of his grand-mother's death. Karina then gives Neve some final support and tells her that if she and Alton are destined to be together no one, not even Charis should interfere with their love for one another. Guy then tells Regan that he isn't going to tell Gal and that it is his responsibility as her husband to be honest with her. Guy and Karina then say goodbye once again and return to their new home, out of town. However, as Guy and Karina leave, Paula's death prompts another return, Adia. She has returned and decided that Ribbon Heights is now her home. She is elated to hear that her borhter, Regan, is going to be a father, un-aware of his affair.

Neve then becomes a wreck as Adia returns to town. She fears that Alton has feelings for Charis and that now with Adia back he will soon garner feelings for her, yet again. Reed and Pru become curious when Geronte announces he has begun dating someone but is keeping low profile. Marlo then tells Regan that if he wants she will be with him when they decide to tell Gal that they had an affair. She then tells him that there can be no future for the two fo them and that she must move on if she wants to be happy. Regan asks Marlo for just a little more time as he comes to grips with the crumbling world around him. Alton continues to probe Chaip's past and Charis tells him that even she is becoming suspicious of her husband's behavior.

Reed and Pru then discover that Geronte is dating Vera! Pru is happy but Reed worries that with him dating a socialite like Vera what if Paris gets word of their pairing and comes to town in search of Anca? Neve and Adia catch up and Adia reveals that she and Henri did make up for a while and were briefly engaged until she realized he was selfish. She then reveals that the death of her father prompted her return to the only home she knows of now. Neve expresses her concerns about Alton to Adia, who tells her that Alton is filled to his finer-tips with love for Neve. Chip, then persuades Charis that they need to leave for their honey moon in 2 days. Alton, desperate, goes to see Mina one last time and begs her to help him save Charis... to his shock... she starts to talk.

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