Part seven begins with Charis and Chip about to leave for their honeymoon, when it is suddenly posponed when her brother, Armand, sister-in-law Elsie and grown nephew, Chet arrive in town. Armand wanted to meet his sister's newest husband and Elsie wanted to pay her respects to her late sister and niece. Guy then confronts Regan about his affair with Marlo.

Regan begs Guy not to tell Gal as he ended things with Marlo. However, he later learns that Marlo was going to tell Gal anyway in attempt to save their relationship. Regan tries to stop them both but before they can tell her things get more complicated when they find Gal overjoyed... she announces she and Regan are going to have a baby. Guy and marlo then decide to withhold the information... for now.

Karina then helps Neve keep an eye on Alton who tries to warn Armand about Chip. Charis and Chip then decide to postpone their honeymoon until next month so she can visit with her relatives. Beck is eager to marry Vera, who ends their engagement after he accidentally calls her Gladys. He tries to win her back. she tells Beck that she loves him but he needs some more time as he deeply loved Gladys.

Makeva then leaves as Reed and Pru decide that Geronte was cheated out of time with his daughter they allow them to live with them and Walden.

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