Part six begins with Makeva arriving at the home of Pru and Reed Lillian. Geronte is anxious at the sight of his mother and before he can run off Reed blocks him. It is then revealed that when Paris divorced Geronte after the birth of Anca she took Anca and refused Geronte to see her. He went years without seeing his daughter and speaking to his family. He couldn't stand it any longer and stole Anca from Paris and came to Ribbon Heights to hide out. Makeva knew about is as Paris asked her if she knew where Geronte was.

Charis and Chip then prepare to leave for their honeymoon. Alton then decides he needs to continue his pestering to save Charis's life, which he knows is in some kind of danger. Iris then gives Roeper and ultimatum her or Penelope. Marlo then sees her mother visitng the grave of Kendra and goes to speak to her. The two reconcile and Wendy tells her she needs to end things with Regan and tell Gal, unless she wants their friendship to end like hers and Kendra's.

Regan then goes to see Marlo for a quickie but she tells him she has to end things with him and they share a final kiss. However, Guy was following Regan and sees the whole thing. Beck and Vera then have Reed and Regan over for dinner along with Penelope and talk about the prospect of marriage. Everyone goes for the idea and Beck asks Vera to marry him on the spot, she gleefully accepts.

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