Part five begins with Floyd and Gillian visiting the grave of their late daughter, Ida, and weeping. Regan manages to get away from Gal, who then calls Guy and tells him that Regan has left the house. Regan meets Marlo in the park, not to make out but to talk. She tells him about Wendy and how she blames Marlo for Kendra's death. Regan comforts her as Guy watches from a distance. However, they do nothing incriminating.

Karina then arrives over at the Siddle home to meet little Maxine. Neve and Karina catch up and Neve tells her about Alton and his sudden interest to save Charis. Karina tells Neve that she is on her side and thinks that it isn't good for Alton to meddle in the affairs of his ex-wife. Iris, now believes that she and Roeper are a couple as a result of their kiss. However, he is still technically dating Penelope.

Vera and Beck take their relationship to the next level and Beck moves in with Vera and Penelope out in the upper penisula. Alton scrambles to get Wilhelmina to talk but, she remains strong in her silence. Charis and Chips's wedding day then arrives. Before the wedding Alton warns Charis not to marry Chip. Neve then catches them talking in the bride's quarters and storms off.

alton catches up to Neve and a scene ensues. She tells him to back off of Charis now or else she will take Maxine and leave him. He promises to let it be as it appears too late to stop the wedding now. Charis and Chip are then married. Guy gives Gal his report on Regan. And Makeva arrives in town and immediately goes to see Pru and Reed.

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