Part four begins with a luncheon following the funeral of Kendra Copper Sharp Color Sharp. Regan is visibly guilt ridden and believes that the shock of his and Marlo's affair is what killed Kendra. Marlo reassures him that she was old and it was natural. Following the saddened day a baby shower is held for Ida. Her needs are still very bi-polar and un-balanced but the event goes well. At the shower a scene ensues between Wendy and her daughter Marlo. This leads to Marlo pulling her mother outside asking her why she is so mad with her. To her shock Wendy blames Marlo for Kendra's death and tells her that when Kendra died she and Wendy weren't speaking making her best friend go to the grave angry with her.

Alton pursues his interest in Chip. He discovers his now deceased wives names: Jane, Penny, Wilhelmina and Quinn. He then discovers that his third wife, Wilhelmina, is actually alive. She is in jail, but alive. Alton then decides to seek her out and ask her questions. Pru and Reed then look into finding someone themselves, Paris. Pru gets in tough with her mother, Makeva and asks her what happened to Paris and where she is. Pru then tells her mother that Geronte and Anca are in town with her. Makeva ends the conversation by telling her daughter she is coming to Ribbon Heights with some urgent news. Neve then hears about Iris and Penelope's fight and realizes that Iris has feelings for Roeper. She tells Roeper.

Alton gets to see Wilhelmina "Mina" Hallworthy. she was placed in jail after trying to kill Chip on their honeymoon. Alton tires to talk to her about Chip but, she becomes nervous and shuts him out, not saying a word. He leaves and arrives home to an agry Neve who demands to know where he went and what for. When she learns it had to do with Charis she tells Alton he needs to end his un-official investigation. Gal confides in Guy that she suspects Regan is doing something wrong. Guy tells her he will look into it. Ida, meanwhile, goes into labor at home. The baby comes too fast to go to the hospital. She gives birth to a boy, Norman (after Norma). However, due to her un-balanced needs and mood Ida goes into need and mood failure and dies as a result of the birth.

The following day, Floyd and Gillian are in utter dis-array at the death of their daughter. Janis and the gang are also saddened by the news. Iris is visibly shaken at the death of her sister, Roeper notices this and talks to her and tells her he knows she likes him. The two then share a kiss. Janis then takes Norman and leaves Ribbon Heights, she promises to let Floyd and Gillian see their grand-son. Alton then confronts Chip at Ida's funeral and tells him that he doesn't know what he is up to but he will find out with or without Wilhelmina's healp, making Chip nervous.

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