part three begins with Alton looking into Chip's background on the computer. Neve notices and tells Alton she doesn't like him looking into his ex-wifes fiance's history. Alton assures her that he is only concerned for her as a friend. However, Neve continues to be irked by it. Reed then begins to ask Geronte why he and Anca have come for a visit and he produces the same answer he gave Pru, to see Walden. Reed notice's Geronte's intial hesitation to answer the question and it is confirmed that he and his daughter are hiding something. Reed then asks Pru about Anca's mother. Pru tells Reed that Gerone and Paris, Anca's mother, divorced years ago almost right after Anca was born. She then tells Reed that this is the first time she has seen or spoken to her brother since the birth of Anca. Ida's needs continue to go up and down causing strain on her relationship with Janis, who is trying to help her.

Beck decides that he will be and Elder soon and continues to date Vera telling her that he is also falling in love with her. Iris's jealousy towards Penelope and Roeper's relationship escolates to a point where she attacks Penelope and wins. However, she is caught by her mother, Gillian, who scolds her and makes her apologize to Penelope. Gal then catches Regan as he goes as he heads for the door on one of his night walks and tells him she's going with him. His liason with Marlo is then ruined as she watches them walking from afar. Charis then begins planning an elaborate wedding ceremony for her and Chip's union. Alton then goes to talk to Charis about Chip. She accuses him of being jealous of her finally finding love and him no longer being the only happy one in town.

Regan and Marlo then finally get to meet up for a woo hoo session as Gal is at work. However, they are then caught when Kendra comes over for a suprise visit and discovers her son-in-law and Marlo. She leaves disgusted and seeks out Wendy. Their life-long friendship then becomes strained when Wendy tells her that she has known about the affair. However, before Kendra can tell Gal about the affair her age gets the best of her and she dies hours later. Gal is heartbroken and Regan is luckily saved. However, Guy and Karina return upon hearing of Kendra's death. They tell their friends they will be staying in town for a while to attend Charis's wedding and to get Kendra's affairs in order.

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