Prt two begins with Regan and Reed talking to their grand-mother, Paula. They tell her that they miss Gladys too, but Beck deserves to move on with his life and she shouldn't belittle his romance with Vera. Alton then gives his sister a serious talking to. He tells that she needs to call it off. Marlo tells him to butt out, but is forced in a hard place when Alton tells Wendy, who demands that she raised Marlo better than that. Marlo then runs off and calls Regan. They talk it over and Regan admits that he made a mistake marrying Gal and that he loves Marlo. They continue the affair despite Alton and Wendy's knowledge of it. Neve becomes suspicious of Iris's intentions when she begins dating Cain as she openly flirts with Roeper in front of Cain.

Charis is then thrown overboard with emotion when Chip asks her to marry him. She accepts and the planning begins. After announcing her enemies turned friends become suddenly worried about her safety. Alton even calls Rudy, who shows little to no emotion for his ex-wife. Pru asks her brother, Geronte why he has decided to come to Ribbon Heights. He tells her it was because he wanted to finally meet his nephew, Walden. Pru is happy by his exclamation but suspects more. Beck then talks to Vera about the staus of their relationship. Beck tells her he might have to call it off for his mother's sake. However, he recieves a shock when Vera tells him that she is falling in love with him.

Ida begins ti suffer from serious need decrease as a result of her pregnancy Janis helps out the best she can but Ida's decreastion continues. Iris does her best to try and make Roeper jealous but he seems all too interested in Penelope and she can't help but notice that Cain appears to have a crush on Tabitha. she then breaks off her "relationship" with Cain and leaves in tears. Pru shares her reservations about her brother's visit with Reed who understand s that she wants to give her family the benefit of the doubt but he vows to look into it. Gal then begins noticing Regan's nightly "walks" are happening everynight and grows suspicious. Alton then shifts his focus from Marlo and Regan to Charis, angering Neve.

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